Intranet solutions that connects you and your employees to maximise

  • efficiencies.
  • productivity.
  • technology investments.

Attollo Intranet enables you to organise, inform and communicate with all your employees in an efficient way.


Creating efficiency benefits to enable professionals to work smarter


Helping educators deliver great student learning experiences


Improving business efficiency with centralised technology


Delivering efficiencies and business benefits with intranet solutions

Why Attollo Intranet?

Efficiency savings which creates productivity improvements

Single source of information reducing duplication, conflict & errors

Enables quick employee engagement meaning they are effective sooner

Enables effective and accurate company management

Attollo enables quicker employee on boarding which means they are productive sooner.

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Attollo Intranet - a solution that delivers benefits to company departments.

Whether your department is finance, HR or communications, having an intranet solution at the heart of everything you do will deliver tangible benefits to your employees. They will become more productive, more efficient, knowledgable and finally more in the know of what is happening.

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Attollo can maximise your existing technology investment

By accurately understanding your wants, needs and goals, Attollo delivers tangible benefits

Here is the journey we would like to go on with you


We accurately learn about your requirements


We integrate Attollo Intranet into your environment


Ensure employee adoption to maximise benefit


On-going development to suit your business needs

Attollo enables effective knowledge management, without staff turnover having an effect.

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