SharePoint Intranet - Nielsen Norman Group Best Intranet Design 2021
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Attollo Intranet - SharePoint intranet for Office 365

An award-winning, cost effective, SharePoint intranet designed to be the start of your digital workplace strategy - in an instant.

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Keysight Technologies wins Nielsen Norman's Best Intranet Award

Keysight Technology's intranet - Pulse powered by Attollo Intranet is recognised as one of the world’s 10 best intranets for 2021 in Nielsen Norman's 21st annual Intranet Design Awards.

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Attollo Intranet - perfect for your business

Attollo can help your business grow, help communications & more

Attollo Intranet will deliver a fully branded SharePoint intranet with popular sections that most businesses use. This provides a solid building block for future growth and development.

"The attractive design is a very positive feature of Attollo. It makes viewing content easy and clear. Rendering is quick and robust"

Independent intranet experts Clearbox Consulting

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Attollo Intranet - empowering your business

Attollo is packed full of features that your business can use instantly out-of-the-box.

Quick & Reliable

Super easy, super-fast and super reliable. We’ve designed Attollo from the ground up to utilise all client-side code and custom rendering. Makes super sense.

No Hidden Costs

We currently offer two payment models; buy upfront or spread your payments. This includes deployment and our brand-alignment exercise.

Templates Galore

We are continually building new templates, page layouts, sections and modules. As support customers these are available to you as free updates, or paid-for add-ons.

Expand & Scale

Unlike other out-of-the-box intranet solutions, Attollo does not tie you in or lock you out of extending your intranet. Designed to be developed, evolved and extended by us and by you as and when required.

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Find out everything that is going on in the world of the digital workplace, intranets and the Attollo Group

The Covid pandemic has almost certainly changed the way we work forever. Many employers are now opting for a hybrid working model while working conditions remain uncertain.

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If your bosses are on the verge of buying-in a modern intranet like Attollo, and just need a final push, it’s sure to come down to worries or uncertainties about costs.

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