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All you need to know about Attollo
Attollo : from the Latin, To raise, elevate, build, exalt to a higher position
Where it all started

Attollo - a single great product to help everyone!

With well over a hundred successfully built, designed and launched intranets; co-founders, Mark Stokes and Sam Dolan realised that a new customer wanted the same important features and key pages as the previous 100. From that day, we decided that building a cost effective, out-of-the-box SharePoint intranet was the way forward - Attollo was born.

Who we are

We are a team of experienced professionals that specialise in SharePoint. We believe that Attollo will not only make your workforce work smarter but adds real value and improves employee communication.


Mark Stokes

Co-founder + Technical Director

SharePoint MVP & SharePoint Community Lead, when Mark isnt improving the Attollo Core hes walking his dog Hugo!

Sam Dolan

Co-founder + Creative Director

When Sam is not making Attollo look as amazing as it does, he is watching films and football and building Lego!

Keith McKnight

Development Lead

Our SharePoint development wizard, leading his team of developers building functionality and hidden cool stuff!

Darren Perrins

Business Development Manager

Darren is focused on developing both existing and potential business opportunities and showing potential clients how great Attollo Intranet is.

Ryan Edwards


Working within our development team Ryan is building all the essential Attollo Intranet functionality that makes Attollo Intranet the best it is.

Curtis Hennessey


Working within our development team Curtis supports Attollo building key functionality that makes Attollo tick.

Shaune Sherridan


Shaune is responsible for all account deployments, ensuring build stability and new functionality & product release.

Cheryl Hosking

Accounts & Administration

When Cheryl isn't chasing us for our updates she is keeping everything together from a business point of view.

Grace Grieve

Marketing / PR

Grace is point of contact for anything PR related, she helps us get our message to the world

Associates Network

Office 365 & SharePoint specialists

We have a range of Office 365 & SharePoint specialists in our Associates Network, sharing their vast knowledge & experience so that Attollo Intranet is forever improving.

What about you?

Develop Attollo together with us!

We are always on the look out of the talent whether that be in development, design or sales - get in touch with us!

The Attollo Core

We believe in building strong relationships and helping people, teams and organisations collaborate the best way possible.

  • Always Make it Better
  • Keep it Simple
  • People Over Profits
  • Ask More Questions
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Quality Over Quantity

Our Attollo Core is not only the starting point for our product and it's development platform, its the starting point of our business and what we offer to our customers.

Mark Stokes, MVP - Attollo Co-Founder