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group automotive

Industry Automotive

Location Wordwide

Employees 15,000


Group 1 Automotive is an international Fortune 500 automotive retailer with dealerships and collision centres in the United States, United Kingdom and Brazil. Group 1 sells new and used cars and light trucks, arranges financial services, provides maintenance and repair services.

Their Challenges

  • Document management adoption
  • Geographically dispersed workforce
  • Lack of internal communications
  • Franchise driven content requirements
  • Knowledge sharing
case study group

Department Sites

FIRSTPOINT department sites are the backbone of their intranet, enabling each department to upload all their content, forms, documents and knowledge is key.

The department home page show a mix of documents, information, targeted news and signposting for users to view other pages.  Within the department site, local navigation shows the user additional important content and information.

case study group
case study group

Location Sites

With Franchises and Dealerships across many locations, FIRSTPOINT enables users to have a section for each site location. Here they can view all of the related contact info, news, employees and documents.

Engaging employees using a Quick Poll facility for both business and social related topics was an important feature to gain quick and easy feedback from the end-users.

With a diverse workforce not everyone is aware of who is who – using Employee Cards we were able to highlight the team members from a particular franchise with their contact information in addition to a friendly corporate photograph.

Working closely with Group 1's marketing and design teams we ensured that all the strict style guidelines were adhered to. With over 11+ car manufacturers within the companies portfolio, Attollo were tasked with creating a branded landing page for all of them.
Sam Dolan - Attollo

Centralised Key Updates

Group 1 wanted to highlight key updates that are happening within the company at a group level. They have a dedicated carousel and supporting content boxes with animated hovers to help with user engagement.

News & Updates in one place.

All the very latest news, updates and featured news are all located in one place on the homepage for employees to quickly get up to date with what is happening within the organisation.

Quick Links

Important organisational links that all employees will need are located on the right. This is one of the starting points of the FIRSTPOINT employee journey.

Who’s who

Employees can find out everything they need about their fellow employees instantly by typing a name, service or project and see results instantly, enabling better collaboration.

All the latest documents

All the latest documents that are added are displayed here so employees can see the latest forms, PDF’s and Office documents in an instant.

IT Service Updates

Employees can see if there are any IT related issues without flooding the IT Help Desk with unnecessary calls and putting pressure on the IT team. Employees can get an instant update and can simply click through into the Support Centre for even more detailed answers to any current or ongoing issues.

Your staff in the spotlight

Employee recognition is important to any organisation and what better way to do that than placing it on the homepage. Group 1 employee recognition is very important to continuously strengthen their culture.

Attollo Intranet Concept
Attollo Intranet Concept

Franchise sub-branding

With Attollo Intranet we have the ability to sub-brand sites, which was a key requirement for franchise owners.

Using their respective brand guidelines, colour palette and fonts we produced a range of branded landing pages for the likes of Audi, BMW, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz. Employees can now find all the related franchise updates, content and information in one place.

Targeted news

Within our dedicated News Centre, editors have the ability to tag news stories by their brand and location for example ‘Audi’ and ‘Watford Audi’ which would target news to both the Audi franchise homepage and the Watford Audi location page.

Part of the event

Franchises and locations regularly host various events. In order to make hosting them easier, they all now have their own dedicated Events Centre where they can manage all of these exciting upcoming events.

Starting your day

Using geo-location we display weather information for all the franchise locations which enables them to make decisions such as planning events, trips and car showcasing based on the elements.

Name to the face

Group1 wanted FIRSTPOINT to continuously  strengthen their family culture. Putting a face to that name you’ve been emailing for months is a great way to identify the right contact while promoting collaboration and efficiency.

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