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The Glasgow School of Arts
Launched in April 2019 - 80% staff using the intranet still onboarding departments.
Industry Education
Location Scotland
Employees 2600 combined


Founded in 1845, The Glasgow School of Art is one of the few remaining independent art schools in the UK. The Glasgow School of Art is internationally recognised as one of Europe’s leading university-level institutions for the visual creative disciplines and is currently ranked 8th in the QS world university rankings in 2020 for art and design.

Their Challenges

  • Document management adoption
  • Lack of internal communications
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Onboarding different departments
  • No culture of internal comms 
  • No single identifiable Digital Workplace
Glasgow School of Arts powered by Attollo

Rapid Launch

Student Intranet (Launched due to COVID-19). During unsettling times Attollo helped GSA develop our student intranet solution to keep vital communication channels open with our students. We now have a central place of information for students.

Glasgow School of Arts powered by Attollo

Student Portal

If we didn’t achieve the deadline for this, the situation would have been even more difficult that it has been. We have seen a high intake straight away of 40-60% of students using the intranet. An increase of 15-35% of user adoption which is a huge achievement for GSA.

We can log into our intranet anywhere, anytime on any device. We are sharing insights and collaborating on documents in real time which adds up to a more effective working system. We have built a good relationship with Attollo Intranet that we don’t feel we would have achieved with another organisation. Attollo Intranet has pulled together our pain points from across the whole organisation and provided an effective solution.
Vivienne Vine - Senior Communications Officer - The Glasgow School of Arts

Brand Alignment

GSA worked closely with Attollo to achieve the correct look and feel for their site. It was important for GSA to have this simple frame to hold their content together while also fully adapting to their branding needs.

Quick Deployment

The project for GSA was underpinned by the promise of rapid and easy deployment. With projects tending to involve many people, increasing decision times and project lengths, Attollo intranet allowed for a streamlined process whereby the GSA IT department only had to press a button. It was as simple as that.

Responsive Design

An intranet that worked on mobile, desktop and tablet to suit the varied needs of their audience for a fully responsive experience that works seamlessly across all devices.

Great User Experience

The interface design of this system supports the user’s ability to easily perform the tasks for which the system is built. Allowing users to get to wherever they need to be as quickly and easily as possible.

Growth Capacity

Attollo Intranet has unlimited user capacity and are able to give different permissions to our different users. Using the very latest development approaches and technology from Microsoft, Attollo has ensured ongoing longevity and supportability for our 2600 users.

Glasgow School of Arts powered by Attollo

Glasgow School of Arts powered by Attollo

Unique Content

With different content needed for different audiences (students and staff), the GSA needed the content to be unique to each person and the specific information they need moving forward. 

Department Sites

Having each department manage their own section on the intranet has given users accountability and encouraged engagement and collaboration.

News & Updates

Empowered users to find information quickly and easily, when they need it most, which in turn has helped reduce communication times between users.  New Centre surfaces both primary and secondary news stories powered by tags.

Quick Links

These have been hugely important to the GSA as this is one of the starting points for our users’ journey. Important organizational links are directly on the righthand side of the intranet for ease of navigation as well as the homepage.

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