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Keysight Technologies
Using Attollo intranet to drive communication & collaboration
Industry Manufacturing
Location USA & Global
Employees 15000 + 32 offices


Founded as Hewlett-Packard in 1939 and launched as a fully separate electronic measurement company on November 1, 2014. Keysight provides solutions that help customers innovate in 5G, automotive, Internet of Things, network security, and more.

Their Challenges

  • Document management adoption
  • Lack of internal communications
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Onboarding different departments
  • No culture of internal comms
  • No single identifiable Digital Workplace
  • Customisation

News Centre

All the very latest news and updates, featured news are all located in one place on the homepage for employees to quickly get up to date with what is happening within the organisation.

App Launcher

The Attollo App Launcher sits within the main menu and can be customised to include your most common business functions and applications. With a focus on getting your workforce where they need to be as fast as possible.

When I spoke to Attollo, I understood right away the value of having an out-of-box solution that the rest of our company could use without any additional cost to them, which would help us reach our centralization goal. We wanted it so be so simple and easy for users, users couldn’t be forced to adopt, they had to want to be a part of the project which was a big part of our strategy and Attollo Intranet ticked all of those boxes. The design, UI and the UX of the site is so clean - I love it!
Brianne McClure – Employee Communications Manager - Keysight

The Mighty Homepage

It was important to Keysight that the homepage wasn’t static and to keep it engaging for users, Attollo Intranet created a dynamic homepage so that each day had a different look and feel for users.

Brand Alignment

Keysight were attracted to Attollo Intranet based on the aesthetic being so clean. Keysight worked closely with Attolo Intranet to replicate the correct look and feel for the site to closely match that of the Keysight branding. 


Attollo intranet hosts an impressive array of templates that are provided as standard. Having these templates enables Keysight to onboard other departments at their own pace, quickly, without having to embark on a design process.

Responsive Design

Keysight wanted an intranet that worked on mobile, desktop and table to suit the varied needs of their large audience, that was fully responsive experience and works seamlessly across all devices.

Great User Experience

The Keysight intranet was designed with optional adoption at the heart of the project. Although this was kickstarted by the internal communication team, it was essential that they wouldn’t be responsible for all of the intranet content, and so exceptional user experience was paramount.

Ideas Lab

Keysight has vital values directed towards organisational continuous improvement known as ‘my insight’. Keysight used the Attollo Intranet out-of-the-box feature ‘ideas lab’ to manage idea generation and track implementation of these ideas on a large scale, which has been hugely beneficial for the organisation.

Unique Content

With Keysight splitting from parent group, they had lots of outdated content that was not engaging or appropriate for the end user. Attollo Intranet has been used to provide structure to their content and surface recent content to provide unique content to each user.  

Quick Links

These have been hugely important to Keysight as this is one of the starting points of their users’ journey. Important organizational links are directly on the righthand side of the intranet for ease of navigation. Keysight reduced the confusing navigation and quick links from 100 to between 10-15 to improve the user journey.

Quick deployment

The Keysight communication had to make the project planning and deployment as simple as possible to encourage maximum reach across all of the Keysight departments.

Growth Capacity

Attollo Intranet has unlimited user capacity and are able to give different permissions to different users. Using the very latest development approaches and technology from Microsoft, Attollo Intranet has ensured ongoing longevity and supportability. This aligns with Keysights current 15000 audience and their next goals of onboarding teams in Japan and German.

Department Sites

Keysight had a variety of departments that were operating on siloed sites. The decision to use Attollo Intranet meant that there was a standardised template for each department to follow while navigation was made simpler.

Tagged News

The News Centre has empowered users to find information quickly and easily, when they need it most, which in turn has helped reduce communication times between users. The News Centre surfaces both primary and secondary news stories powered by tags.

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