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North Hampshire Urgent Care

Using Attollo to improve channels of communication, processes efficiency and increase productivity through leaner working

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North Hampshire Urgent Care (NHUC) is a not-for-profit independent organisation working in partnership with the NHS. The services provided are commissioned by the Integrated Care Boards (ICB’s) of North East Hampshire & Farnham, and Hampshire & Isle of Wight. NHUC is governed by a Management Council comprising elected and appointed members with a majority of GP members. Everyone working for NHUC is entitled to membership of the society.

Their Challenges

  • Single source of truth for service information, updates & applications
  • Drive communication between the senior management team and staff
  • Improve evidence of CQC compliance
  • Improve process efficiencies through leaner working
  • Improve support and staff satisfaction across the board

Our solution

Attollo creates a single repository for all essential  information

Working closely with Attollo, we now have NHUC Connect, our secure, single repository for all essential information.  Through the platform, we can now give our staff assurance that what they read is the ‘single version of the truth’.

In addition to this core function, Attollo have provided NHUC the following improvements in line with our communication strategy:

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How North Hampshire Urgent Care benefited from an Attollo Intranet

Streamlined communication

Real time updates in the form of news feeds and management communications have replaced the previously used weekly newsletter.  Staff can now digest information as it becomes relevant, ensuring best practice and improving patient experience and outcomes.


Improve evidence of CQC compliance

To make sure the information is relevant, tagging has further improved our communication, ensuring all communications are relevant and only sent to intended services or teams. Mandatory Reads functionality gives the organisation (and external auditors) assurance that information is not just available but is being read.

Improved support and staff satisfaction

Through NHUC Connect, we have seen a significant positive cultural change.  Staff now identify more closely with then service they represent, have a greater sense of management presence, and feel engaged with in decisions that impact on themselves.

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NHUC Connect SharePoint Intranet News

Previously reliant on the use of email and paper copies

North Hampshire Urgent Care operates in an ever-changing environment, and it is essential we provide our staff with the correct and most up-to-date information.

Previously reliant on the use of email and paper copies, there was a risk that information in circulation quickly becomes out of date and redundant.

Our partnership with Attollo has meant we have futureproofed our way of working. The platform has simplified and streamlined our processes for communicating, giving our management teams more time to focus on other important operational matters as they arise and through the development of bespoke functionality, we have moved forward in confidence that our strategies and needs are being met with the optimal solution.
Marcus Lade - Change & Improvement Lead, North Hampshire Urgent Care

Attollo enables quicker employee on boarding which means they are productive sooner.

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