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How much does Attollo Intranet cost?

There are two licensing options with Attollo Intranet.

We have Upfront license (perpetual) or Subscription license (per month, any user). This covers you for a single copy of Attollo Intranet for either SharePoint online or SharePoint on-premise. Addtitional licenses of the Attollo Intranet product can be purchased.

Both licensing options come with a Product Assurance Guarantee, which covers you for Office 365 related updates that may affect Attollo Intranet.

How quickly can you deploy Attollo Intranet to my environment?

A clean, fresh installation with or without our dummy content takes 2 days to deploy.

Once that is done our Brand Alignment takes 1 - 2 days and our User Training is delivered in 1 day or if you wish over 8 hours.

Real world time frame is approximately 1 week from installation to a branded version of Attollo Intranet.

Does Attollo Intranet work on SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-premise?

Both. Attollo Intranet will work on both versions of SharePoint - online & on-premise. However, some features are unavailable on-premise, including Graph integration and Delve profile information. For more information contact us.

What Office 365 licenses do I need to use Attollo Intranet?

There are a wide range of Office 365 licenses. You essentially need a SharePoint Online subscription which could be Microsoft 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium or Office 365 Business Essentials.

Alternatively, for Enterprise requirements - Office 365 Enterprise E1, Office 365 Enterprise E3 or Office 365 Enterprise E5. Find out more about Office 365 plans & pricing.

Is Attollo Intranet responsive?

Sure is. Attollo Intranet has been built to enable anyone to use it on any phone, tablet or desktop using the latest browsers.

Can Attollo Intranet be branded to look more like my company branding?

Absolutely. We have built Attollo Intranet to look however you want it to look. With your license comes our Brand Alignment service which will align Attollo Intranet to your existing branding. More intricate branding requirements would be covered by our Professional Services

Do you have any support options for Attollo Intranet?

Yes we do - it's what we call our Support + Plan. For a yearly fee you’ll benefit from the following:

  • All updates to Attollo Core in relation to any Microsoft 365 platform updates
  • Latest Attollo Core monthly updates
  • Latest Attollo Minor Updates*
  • Latest Attollo Page Layouts
  • Latest documentation, guides & content gathering guides
  • Built, tested and deployed Major Updates** as and when purchased.
  • Support Desk functionality – ability to log support calls etc.
  • Attollo Customer Portal – latest functionality updates & issues (end of ‘18)
  • Attollo Connect - invitation to join our community product discussions

* Minor Updates – new functionality we add as a product to enhance the Attollo Intranet product

** Major Updates – new functionality that has been purchased by the client or another client and offered as a non-obligatory purchase.

Please Note – We will ONLY support Attollo Intranet as a product. We do not support Office 365 as per the Microsoft platform. Any Office 365 issues would be raised via your Office 365 Admin Portal. We have the ability to add 24-hour support with a satellite office in Texas, this is something we are looking to offer as part of our Support Plus package.

How do I get the Attollo Intranet updates or new functionality?

We release regular updates to all our Attollo Intranet deployments either via our own private CDN, or your own.

Any new updates that have been made to the product due to Office 365 updates will be pushed to your environment automatically.

New functionality and/or widgets are released monthly and are also pushed to your environment automatically - meaning you don't have to do a thing.

Can I customise Attollo Intranet?

Yes. Attollo Intranet is based on top of SharePoint, utilising all the best bits such as the Publishing Framework. Using Page Layouts you can customise our product Page Layouts or simple create your own.

Who built Attollo Intranet?

Attollo Intranet was built and founded by Sam Dolan and Mark Stokes, Microsoft professionals who have worked for some world’s biggest organisations and have planned, designed and built hundreds of intranets, portals and digital workplaces.

They have now combined their wealth of knowledge and expertise to create Attollo Intranet. Supported by a team of skilled developers, technical architects and designers they are perfectly placed to deliver your new intranet.

Do you offer any Professional Services if I need a little help?

Yes, we offer a range of extra services including:

  • Design Workshops - looking at branding, page layouts and the overall UI/UX
  • Concept Design - alternative concepts design options that might be needed for consultation
  • End User Adoption - understanding and the planning of continuous engagement with users
  • Content Workshops - planning and executing content gathering and delivery
  • Bespoke Development - custom applications, functionality or sites geared towards your company
  • Enterprise Architecture - experienced strategic planning and delivery of large-scale deployments

Attollo Intranet is fantastic, can we partner with you?

You sure can! We have an amazing Partner Programme, where we can help and guide you to selling Attollo Intranet into your network with a range of revenue generating streams.



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