Elevate your Digital Workplace with Attollo Intranet, SharePoint Intranet
Attollo Intranet is prebuilt with a wide range of user experiences, designed with cloud, on-premises and hybrid scenarios in mind. It’s packed with loads of nifty features, too.

Attollo Intranet - Product innovation by numbers

Business orientated widgets, support guides, page layouts & pre-built centres ready for you

Attollo Widgets
Page Layouts
Support Guides

All you need with Attollo Intranet

Packed with features to get you started in an instant. Why wait until tomorrow?

Quick & Reliable

Designed from the ground up to use all client-side code and custom rendering, we eliminate SharePoints less than excellent standard HTML output.

No Hidden Costs

We offer two simple payment models – buy up front, or spread your payments. This includes deployment and brand alignment, so there are no nasty surprises down the line.

Templates Galore!

We’re constantly evolving with updates, templates, page layouts, sections and functionality. Let us know what you’re looking for - we aim to please.

Expand & Scale

Attollo doesn’t tie you in or lock you out of extending your intranet. It’s designed to be developed, evolved and extended by us and by you, as and when required.

Branding Attollo any way you like...

Attollo - the out-of-the-box fully branded SharePoint intranet

We understand that branding is key to your organisation. The base price includes Brand Alignment, but if you want a little more, our team of creatives can work their magic to make your intranet look any way you like.

Attollo Intranet - fully integrated with Office 365

Office 365

Attollo Intranet fully integrates into your Office 365 platform enhancing your employee experience


With Attollo Intranet we sit on top of SharePoint offering you a 5000 hour headstart of functionality

A perfect partnership - Attollo Intranet integrating with Office 365



Pre-built Microsoft Forms ready for your organisation to start its business processes

Microsoft Teams

Team integrating enabling you topush content from Attollo into your channels

Power BI

Show Power BI data and dashboards via exclusive tailored page layouts


Using Microsoft Graph enabling us to show Delve profile information, files & key data


Show rich video content with a choice of using Microsoft Steam, YouTube or Vimeo


Create powerful custom business apps that integrate straight into Attollo Intranet


Show personal and shared OneDrive files straight from the Atollo Intranet homepage

Skype for Business

Quick and easy chat based communication within your organsation with Attollo Intranet

Power Automate/Flow

Create seamless automation processes with Microsoft Flow that power Attollo Intranet

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Attollo Intranet - empowering your business

Attollo is packed full of features that your business can use instantly out-of-the-box.

Yes, it's straight out of the box

A fully branded intranet with sections that most businesses use. Something for everyone!

Empowering your business

Packed with features to get you started in an instant. Why wait until tomorrow?

Business functionality

Constantly evolving with updates, templates, page layouts, sections and functionality. Let us know what you’re looking for.

SharePoint & Office365

Built on a solid background of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office365. It’s about as reliable as it gets.

Looking for an great looking and even better working intranet? This is Attollo


Future Add-ins

Such as Holiday Request Forms, Absence Notification Forms, etc, either as paid-for additions or available for free when a customer is part of a support package.

Page Layouts

It’s your intranet – so set out your pages your way. Built on SharePoint, users have totally flexibility to implement what they need for their business.

Perfect Investment

Attollo has been priced to cost around a third of the typical cost of building a similar branded intranet. It's the perfect investment for business.

Prebuilt & Stable

Attollo comes pre-built and has been designed, built and continuously engineered from the ground up with cloud, on-premises and hybrid scenarios in mind.

Future Thinking

Using the very latest development approaches and technology from Microsoft ensures Attollo has ongoing longevity and supportability.

Custom Themes

Configure your own colours, fonts, logos and images to really make your intranet your own and aligned to your brand. It will help with staff engagement, too.

Web Parts

Using SharePoint as its platform means that your existing developed and/or purchased webparts will still work with Attollo. Which is great because your previous small intranet investments are not lost with us.


Attollo deployment is fast and reliable, enabling a quick start and future versions will allow direct feature updates as and when you want them deployed. No server side code, full client side customisations.

Cost Effective

Traditional “intranet” projects can be hugely expensive and, lets be honest we have created the same elements over and over. Why can’t we just package those together so that you can simply deploy & get on with it?

Responsive Design

Attollo is completely responsive. Working across your mobile, tablet and desktop devices, it enables your staff to stay connected wherever they are, from Tamworth to Timbuktu.

Cloud Power

Built on the Cloud, for the Cloud, with backwards compatibility to on-premises, we are as reliable as Office 365 or your platform. Attollo integrates with the Microsoft’s Office 365 stack and it is based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform .

Unrivalled Support

We can offer a high level of support for your company to align with your own internal SLA's. What can be better than knowing you are truly in safe hands?

Now you've read all about the features, it's probably a good time to ...

"News management is a strong feature of Attollo. News is targeted and presented in a clean visual way" ... "allows for straightforward management of news content."

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