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10 reasons why an intranet platform benefits admin teams

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When companies grow, new departments are created. Some people work remotely. Others are relocated to different floors of the office. If you’re working in the administration team, letting everyone get the information they need is made possible with an intranet platform.

If people are missing from a crucial email list or when no one answers the phone in HR, these things cause frustration.

These are signs that you need a modern intranet platform like Attollo. Here’s why you should invest:

1.      Cut costs

Save time by becoming more efficient. Think about HR teams sending out the same sickness form to several people. Repeat emails asking if requests have been completed…

Attollo’s intranet platform offers an easy, streamlined way to put forms online, making it a piece of cake for everyone to get what they want quickly. As a result, ths saves time and money.

Save cash by reducing the cost of company communications. This includes printing out newsletters as everything can be messaged digitally through the intranet platform, for example.

2.      Reduce email traffic

With an intranet platform and the capability to instant message, there’s less need for internal email systems. These can quickly get full up with round robin messages or crash, leaving people in the lurch about messages that were important.

Admin teams can use Microsoft Teams as part of Attollo to instantly message and receive feedback, rather than wait for email responses.

3.      Notify effectively

Someone needs to spread the world quickly about the car parking updates and expenses. Using email for these announcements means things can be easily overlooked or missed.

Widespread guidelines, alerts and push alerts or notifications can be sent to everyone so they have access to the latest news at the same time.

4.      Store centrally

There is plenty of important documentation that needs to be accessed and used daily in every business. Some companies store these on internal servers, desktops, filing cabinets or elsewhere.

But it’s time-consuming to search for and find relevant information, especially when you face multiple versions of the same document. This could leave a business in a vulnerable position or in the worst case, facing legal action due to non-compliance.

Admin teams can ask all departments to ensure their own data is relevant. and up to date. Store it on the intranet so the whole workforce can access it.

5.      Share customer feedback

For a quick way to share feedback, whether positive or negative, urgent or less so, an intranet platform is the place to do it.

Creating a league table on Attollo is a fun way to share the latest compliments and award those who receive the most positive feedback.  An administrator could update the table each week with some good social media exchange encouraged.

Share negative reports with constructive criticism, with anonymous examples given to the team. This helps everyone to ensure mistakes are not repeated for future customers.

6.      Break down organisation silos

Intranet platforms are a great way of breaking down company silos as they enable businesses to share and collaborate across departments. Offering a place where teams can share, interact and offer constructive feedback is a great way to start.

An intranet platform encourages socialising to take place and is a great place to find someone in your company with like-minded views or interests. Perhaps there is someone on another floor who has the perfect skills that you need for your next project?

7.      Improve compliance

In the workplace you should be fostering a culture of learning and awareness. With employees all on board, remaining compliant is more likely as there is an improved chance of detecting risks and putting plans into action.

Blogs on compliance are a great way to keep staff in the know when there are new or changing policies or plans. Workers can be updated via the intranet. Notice of acceptance can be included on all important documents.

Forums on compliance and safety are also an effective way to allow employees to ask questions or share ideas.

8.      ​Savings from automated functions

Get away from tedious processes and time-wasting by using streamlined, automated processes. A good intranet platform can automate functions such as moving paper-based processes to online forms. These could include holiday request forms. For example, employees can submit a request and get approval from a manager far quicker than filling in paperwork.

Rather than bombard new staff with reams of paperwork, use the intranet to organise the company onboarding process. Online forms could have read features to ensure all employees have completed necessary induction documents.

9.      Reduce risks

Having an intranet platform is a good safeguard. If colleagues leave the business, there can be a risk to your security. Confidential documents could get into the wrong hands. If a person leaves the company, a password to the intranet can simply be changed by the admin team. As a result, the information is still private.

10.  Faster time-to-resolution for support

Finally, if there’s an issue with any office technology, Attollo provides a dedicated support centre page which allows users to log a ticket with IT. This offers more in-depth information on service statuses, for instance.

This means users can log problems straight away using a clever colour-coded system. Moreover, adding notes lets everyone know that resolutions are in hand.

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