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10 ways IT departments can utilise intranet software

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Intranet software enables employees to store, organise, and share information within a company. The IT department is often responsible for running the intranet and encouraging teams to use it!

There are many ways your IT team can benefit from using intranet software. Removing the burden from its own workload, reducing costs and boosting its department, for instance.

1.      Communicate instantly

Firstly, intranet software has many features that streamline communication, but an instant messenger system is the most direct way to create immediate conversation. If there’s been a data breach, instant messaging can direct people to change passwords if data has been compromised, for example.

And it’s also a quick way to let people know that the system will be down while urgent maintenance takes place.

2.      IT support page

By making it easy to request help on a project or with a problem, the focus of efforts can be on the business, and not on figuring out how to deal with the IT department. A dedicated support centre help page allows your staff to log a ticket with IT. Moreover, this offers more in-depth information on service statuses.

Attollo’s service status section is great for IT departments to keep the organisation in the loop with regards to any ongoing issues. The information is simply pulled in from a SharePoint list.

3.      Shine a spotlight on a department

Implementing intranet software is the perfect way to put a spotlight on some of the lesser appreciated departments in your workforce. Some staff can go under the radar and the IT team is a classic example.

Often misunderstood (think, ‘have you tried rebooting?’) an intranet can give a shout out to the team that underpins many companies. Get the word out about critical trends, changes and needs pertaining to IT. In addition, IT can be promoted as a core area, with its services advertised across the entire organisation.

And of course, as the digital workplace continues to play a larger role in shaping businesses, your intranet should serve as a vehicle to share the department’s mission and values.

4.      Raise user awareness

A blog or online newsletter a great way to raise users’ awareness through articles on new technologies or in-house developments.

One idea is to set up an IT portal within the corporate intranet.  Within this you could publish IT security and virus news or tips and techniques to improve work. You might feature customer surveys or enquire as to how IT is working in different initiatives. This would help improve infrastructure and compliance for customer satisfaction.

5.      Encourage empowerment

If an intranet is working well and people are using it frequently, its impact on the company could be huge. By providing people with access to information – for example, how-to videos, particularly when it comes to popular IT issues – your tech team could save so much time.

By storing relevant documents and training videos centrally, users are empowered to find information themselves, rather than asking IT about every technology problem.

Moreover, this can improve the speed of the overall IT effort because being separated from others – and from management – can cause siloed departments. An intranet can help break down those barriers, enabling direct dialogue between staff and leadership.

6.      Idea generation

An intranet provides a great opportunity from people in IT to meet and share ideas with those in different departments. This can help achieve goals for the organisation. Using Attollo can help companies to collate ideas and expert opinions from resources within the business, to boost productivity and increase competence.

Attollo’s people directory is an indispensable way for finding staff skills. Staff profiles can include skills and expertise, qualifications, previous projects and training undertaken, for instance.

7.      Cut costs

Implementing a system where employers and employees have access to centralised communication intranet software, allows users to collaborate in real time. This means companies can cut costs for things like toner, ink and paper for printing letters. Consider the costs of staff using out-of-date price lists.

How long do workers spend on simple tasks, for example, linking a bluetooth mouse to computer? A simple explanation, such a quick fix video, can be created by IT. This would save the IT team from answering repeat queries.

8.      Create a vision

Intranet software like Attollo can have a positive outcome in motivation and engaging employees. It’s a good opportunity to develop internal systems or processes and align technology with business strategies.

Attollo is the perfect platform to ensure quality, performance, data security and usage policies are adhered to.

9.      Reduce the burden

A simple-to-use intranet ultimately results in decentralising of content ownership. Any staff, regardless of their IT skills, should be able to easily upload and update content on your intranet. This will save time because it massively reduces the burden on the IT team.

Furthermore, an intranet can increase satisfaction by improving engagement. It also keeps employees informed, while communicating mission and purpose. Consequently, a common culture develops.

10. Seamless working

Finally, having a modern-day intranet means your existing apps can work seamlessly. Employees can connect easily. They can enjoy using streamlined everyday processes. As a result, the workforce is digitally connected. Above all, with users regularly onboard, you should start to see a good return on investment.

How else can your IT team benefit from having intranet software?

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