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12 reasons to implement the Attollo Intranet

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Reasons to Implement Attollo

We could go on all day about how amazing the Attollo Intranet is for organisations. But instead, we’ve put together our top 12 reasons why every business should implement Attollo in 2022.

1. Central source of content

Having an Attollo intranet in place means that you can finally store your content, information, knowledge and links in one central place. Long gone are the z drives, x drives and files on other servers. With Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, content and files can be created, added and edited all within your new Attollo Intranet. Employees can save hours finding documents, looking for information and getting what they need to perform their roles to the best of their ability.

2. Establishing a strong company culture

With the ability to brand your Attollo intranet any way you need and create templates to display any type of content, you can start to establish your culture or define a new one. It’s not just about making your intranet look like it belongs to the company and fits with marketing material, but also how it feels to use. Functionality like the staff spotlight may give users an insight they have never had before. News from across the world now at your fingertips and even employee benefits are all ways that users will identify positively with and going forward the “new way” to do things around your organisation.

3. Supporting you and your intranet

With everything Attollo Intranet you have the option to access our Attollo Ready service. Our jam-packed subscription service covers support, training, consultancy and all the latest features and functionality. You choose whether or not you want to use any of the great new additions that are available with any bespoke heavy development costs. This is a great way to keep your intranet always evolving, fresh and continuously exciting for your employees.

We also offer a range of workshops and consultancy services to help you tackle various challenges such as end-user adoption, content creation, user journey planning and much more!

4. Increased productivity

As an employer, you may be horrified to learn that on average each week, one whole working day is lost by each employee. Why? Because they’re losing valuable time on activities such as searching for information that should be readily accessible. Attollo Intranet can be safely accessed by all staff members wherever they are. This streamlines processes, allowing employees to get more done in less time. Quickly deliver value and a great return on your investment by looking at users’ ‘pain points’. Technology like the Power Platform within Microsoft 365 can greatly help to drive process automation and integrate directly into Attollo

5. Full of functionality

If you don’t know already, Attollo is jam-packed with functionality. It covers everything from dedicated centers such as the idea lab or the news center, down to the quick poll or people search. These will power your intranet and help your employees in many different ways. Just to give you an idea – we have 100+ Attollo Widgets, 45+ Page Layouts and over 11 Sites and Centres!

6. Cost-effective investment

When it comes to demonstrating a good intranet ROI, it’s all about the money – what has been saved in both monetary and efficiency. Attollo Intranet will deliver a range of easy to measure, hard cost savings.

These include the following:

  • Reduction In Paper Costs – no more paper printouts, everything is in published content, document managed files like word & PDF.
  • Streamlined Business Processes – from a simple data capture form that HR can now use all the way to a self-service portal all built within Attollo, enabling smarter working using technology is key.
  • Reduction In Email Usage – not only that mailbox size,  say goodbye to the 15MB PDF that 200 people have with department sites you can now link directly the newest file, every time.
  • Getting the most out of 365 – Attollo Intranet sits directly on top of SharePoint within the 365 platform. From here you can integrate and connect to all aspects of the 365 platform like Power Automate, Powerapps, Team, Forms and Teams.

7. Employee experience

An engaging Intranet is naturally the next place for people to get together. It’s important to make it as engaging as possible and dare we say – fun. Showing employee-focused campaigns, initiatives and events is a great way to keep people engaged, happy and connected. From a business perspective, your digital employee experience is just as important in allowing staff to be productive and engaged. Remember to ask them – “Can we make your digital experience better?”

8. Collaboration

There are many ways to collaborate! Some examples of where you can do this within Attollo include new stories, comments are great and replying to them is even better, starting a great discussion is a great way to share your views.

Idea Lab is another great place to discuss, share and promote ideas within the business. Utilising the Noteboard to let users know there is a deal in the local shop or avoid a particular way home from work is another way you can collaborate with others and they will be forever grateful not to get stuck in traffic!

Finally our favourite co-authoring document creation – load up the same document and create writing documentation straight within SharePoint. Once you’re done, check-in and publish ready to showcase on your Attollo Intranet.

9. An engaged, connected workforce

Attollo Intranet is a well-designed and beautiful-looking intranet that will transform the employee experience to promote efficiency, growth, innovation and connectedness. All of which are important ingredients to create an engaged workforce.

10. Ideas and innovation

Innovation is the name of the game and ideas can power that. One of our favourite pieces of functionality is the Idea Lab. A place where your organisation can share ideas, get feedback and gather support. This will give you the opinions and thoughts of the users that will actually use it. Here you can harness the very best ideas that can power future innovation within the Attollo or M365 platform.

11. Ready to go live

Attollo can be deployed within 3 days and ready to go live instantly (bar your content obviously) which is fantastic if you are looking to meet that project deadline or even showcase an annual summit. With pre-built centers, sites and pages we have everything most businesses need in an instant.

12. Perfect place to start your digital workplace strategy

Attollo Intranet is the perfect place for employees to start their user journey within the digital workplace. We see Attollo at the center of every starting point within the 365 platform. Connecting services seamlessly, showing content clearly and showcasing all the latest going-ons within the organisation.

Efficiency is the key here and when a user logs on in the morning and sees the Intranet landing page, from there they can access everything your organisation has to offer and the 365 platform. Whether that’s news, content, PowerBI, Forms, Team, published content, links or chatbots, they are all easily accessible from your Attollo Intranet.

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