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3 benefits to knowing the costs of a full intranet implementation

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If your bosses are on the verge of buying-in a modern intranet like Attollo, and just need a final push, it’s sure to come down to worries or uncertainties about costs.

An intranet can be an annual investment that must match the vision, plans and objectives of your workforce. To reduce risks and justify the costs, you can prepare a business case where your goals are defined and measured. If you’ve written yours, which includes listing the benefits behind implementing such an intranet system in a digital era, it helps to go armed with as much information about the costings as you can, so your executives know exactly what they’re dealing with.

Do the benefits balance the costs?

If you can show that by having a system that your colleagues enjoy using, productivity will increase, staff will be retained and work atmosphere improves, you’re already onto a winner.

The intranet is like a big storage unit that is accessible to everyone in your organisation, all the time; a place where every user can see what is happening. Large-scale interaction is made possible for colleagues who have not yet met but need to collaborate on projects.

With technology that works, comes happier staff who are keen to graft. If everyone is trained to use the intranet effectively, it also saves costs in other areas such as printing and paying for other platforms, when everything can sit under one roof.

Give real-life examples

The best way to prove the intranet will be cost-effective is to show, using real-life examples, how your colleagues’ time is wasted on a daily basis.

For example, take the average salary and the amount of time wasted per employee per day, looking for a particular set of forms or finding another colleague in a different department. Times the amount of pounds by five and you have a weekly amount of money that can otherwise be saved. Multiply by 52 and you may have some horrified bosses on your hands.

No hidden costs

When you choose to implement Attollo, our team is transparent with costs. Every business will have different needs when it comes to the branding, pages or features they require and so it is hard to give average prices.

What we do offer is a bespoke, free consultation to show you exactly what we can do and how we would roll our intranet out at your workplace. Based on what you’d like, we can discuss the costs up front and honestly, so there is no sting after you’ve signed up.

Where there are ongoing costs or support teams needed, we will let you know every cost.

We can help

Attollo can create a customised intranet to suit your company, compete with pages as you’d like them and as many of the features as you wish for.  Contact us today so you can get an idea of cost before you meet with your board.

Categorised as Misc

By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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