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4 pillars to mark the expected impact on your business when implementing an intranet

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If you’ve been through all the benefits of implementing a perfect intranet system like Attollo and given plentiful examples of how time is currently being wasted, you’ll need to give those head honchos a final thought about control measures of success.

If they’re to part with their precious cash, they’ll certainly want to have a good idea about return on investment, levels of staff engagement and total ownership costs.

Return on Investment (ROI)

To really reap the benefits of your investment you need people to engage and enjoy using Attollo. To do this, you should make sure all content is fresh. Plus appealing to the people you want to use it.  You may wish to appoint a project manager to take responsibility across every department.

Once we have installed Attollo, your reps should regularly review content and engagement to ensure the intranet is being used to its full advantage. If intranets are left unloved, staff stop using them and you lose any return on investment.

In recent years, business challenges have been the driving force behind intranet investments. Executives will make investments in intranets if these appear to spur growth, cut the cost of operations, boost productivity and enhance customer bases.

Cost-benefit analysis

The strongest argument for doing a cost-benefit analysis is to provide the proper ammunition needed to do the job efficiently. With a realistic budget and timescale in mind.

The benefits of an intranet system may be obvious to your IT manager. But not immediately apparent to your senior managers. The up-front direct costs of a new intranet may be relatively low. The human costs of setting it up, populating it with content and, then maintaining that content may be considerable.

Total ownership costs

Estimating an overall cost can be tricky. There may be more than just the initial cost. You may wish to add support costs, future developments, or upgrades. You may require costs for extra time to maintain or run the intranet. Or for someone to coach people with training sessions on how to use it.

Our experts at Attollo are happy to provide you with a full demonstration of the software and go through the total costs of implementing it.

Strategic plan

In a world where competition is fierce, business owners are always looking for the best way to run things cheaply but effectively. But the key to a thriving workplace is staff who are happy and ready to work hard. Attollo can be the vital piece in that jigsaw.

Take time to arm yourself with valid points from the checklist above and you’ll have a good solid basis to argue your case. Aligned with the executives’ strategic business goals, your dream of a new intranet could become reality.

Need more help?

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Categorised as Misc

By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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