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5 ways a SharePoint Intranet encourages teamwork

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The way we work has changed dramatically with no foreseeable return to a time when millions of us were simultaneously tapping at our office keyboards. And with different work environments, an amalgamation of jobs and remote working coming into play, there’s no better way to keep staff connected and empowered than with a SharePoint intranet.

Whatever your challenge now of keeping the teamwork and morale going into the new year at work, here’s how an intranet can help.


The SharePoint Intanet brings Microsoft Office 365 tools together into a single platform for the ultimate digital workplace. Users won’t realise they’re using multiple products to collaborate and communicate. They just log in once and work in a unified space, so they no longer need loads of different apps open. They can just get on.

Department Sites is super productive as it allows staff to connect directly to Microsoft Teams, opening up even more features. Colleagues can store and collaborate on files and create as well as manage lists of information to help keep track of project status, for example.


SharePoint easily integrates with Attollo’s People Directory so it makes connecting with anyone in the workforce – even if they’re abroad – so much easier. Need to track down the best person in your company for creating a series of pie charts in minutes? Now you can, by checking out their profile where you’ll find their basic details along with the skills that make them perfect for your next project.

Each employee can be on top of the news that affects them as it happens, as well as take part in forums and chats for instant feedback. Whether that department is on another floor in your office or overseas, you can chat as though you were neighbours.


Project managers need no longer struggle to keep staff on target when workloads pull them in many directions across many departments, as they can use a SharePoint intranet like Attollo to chat, call and host meetings and collaborate using Office365 apps, as well as share documents.

Your team will appreciate that everyone on the project can get their work done on the go and stay connected whether they’re in the office or on a building site – and most importantly, from any device they choose.

Your SharePoint intranet can drive efficiency by breaking down barriers, making it easier to share common resources, apps or even knowledge. And keeping everything easy to use means it’s more likely your users will come back each day to see what’s happening and be much more productive as a result.


Getting colleagues to communicate on a social level as well as for business always encourages better teamwork. SharePoint intranets provide a great social platform to allow for the best internal communications possible.

With integrations in calendars, chat forums and apps, SharePoint encourages user-to-user interaction in a very simple way. So not only can you chat about work and receive instant messages back, but you can also arrange the next fundraiser or see who’s free for 5-a-side on Tuesday.

Reward and benefits

Everyone likes to be told they’ve done a good job and secretly, they like others to know too. So why not use Attollo to create an interactive area on your homepage to let everyone know who the star worker of the week is? Include a section where colleagues can congratulate their peers.

You could include a leadership board for a bit of friendly sales competition which is certain to bond people and get them working harder to reach your main goals.

Like to know more?

If you want to see your teams pulling together, have a chat with us about implementing an Attollo SharePoint intranet. We can even give you a free demonstration so that you can explore all the features we’ve mentioned.

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