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A Message from our Co-founders

April 6, 2020

A Message from our Co-founders:

Over 2 weeks ago, we released a statement about Attollo’s Preparedness for COVID-19, for those interested to have a read, please click here. Although our stance hasn’t changed, today, we thought you might like to hear from our Co-founders on how it’s business as usual for Attollo.  

A Message from our Co-founders:

Co-founders – Mark & Sam  

These are scary and uncertain times that the world is enduring. We understand the huge impact COVID-19 is causing not only to businesses & individuals working life but their home life too. With anxiety levels and growing concern for businesses across the world, we want to reassure our stakeholders that we are ready for this and will stand by and support our employees, clients and partners.  

Our background  

We founded Attollo on the understanding of honesty and transparency in everything we do, creating only the best product and service for customers, a fantastic home-work life balance for our employees and sincere opportunities for our partners.  As Attollo has grown from these core values, during these unprecedented times, we feel utterly prepared to support our stakeholders in the best way we know how – business as usual.  

We’re prepared 

Being a technology company, we have always had the option to work remotely. The systems we use are cloud-based which means we have full-access to them and can work from anywhere, at any time. Therefore, we have closed both our offices, until further notice, for the protection of our employees and their families. With Attollo employees scattered the length of the UK, we are keeping in touch regularly via video calls, text chat and virtual reality to help with social isolation as well as uniting the team.  

For our clients, first and foremost there are no known impacts to Attollo Intranet services. Of course we have heightened awareness in place for areas such as service scale and operations and supporting systems however we are confident of Microsoft’s efforts to manage scale of Office 365 and Teams to facilitate a large usage of the core platform to serve Attollo Intranet. We also see no effect to our ability to manage the systems used to support Attollo Intranet.  

Sharing Knowledge 

We are working hard and are committed to serve our online community by sharing our best practice knowledge on remote working, digital workplaces, internal communications and much more. If you need any additional support for your team or business, we’ve set up a free independent advice call line to discuss remote working challenges and business continuity with our digital specialists. If you would benefit from this, please get in touch as we are more than willing to help where we can.  

Huge Thank You 

We want to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all the key workers who leave the comfort of their homes and families everyday to serve our country during this pandemic. We would like to give a special thank you to all NHS workers who continue to push on and put patients’ lives first. We can’t take the stress away that this pandemic brings, but we can tell you how much we appreciate your work, you’re doing a fantastic job so thank you.  

If you have any questions, please contact us via email info@thisisattollo.com or call us on +44 (0)1952 288 365

A Message from our Co-founders:

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