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A modern-day intranet: 10 ways your HR department can benefit

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10 ways HR can benefit from an intranet

A HR department is one area of your business that stands to benefit most from having a modern-day intranet like Attollo. Both share some common aims – to keep employees engaged, productive and happy.

Firstly, modern-day intranets are not there to replace your HR department. They simply lend a hand at a time when office life is changing for the foreseeable. Simply provide your HR team with an effective solution and watch how effectively staff can be supported in their daily tasks.

Here are 10 ways that HR departments can benefit from utilising a modern-day intranet.

1. Employees are engaged

There’s nothing worse than an old-fashioned intranet with a cluttered homepage, stashed full of Christmas work party memos from five years back. With disarray comes frustration – something every employee can do without.

Attollo takes a holistic approach. It brings relevant information and communications onto one platform. Navigation is made simplistic. Data becomes relevant to all employees. This is exactly how it should be for the perfect employee engagement experience.

2. Improved productivity

When employees need simple things like a medical form, holiday slip or a copy of the employee handbook, a central storage system on a modern-day intranet can serve as the perfect place for staff to grab a copy rather than interrupt HR staff with simple requests. Paper versions of these forms can be easily lost or thrown away.

Using Attollo intranet means staff can access a bank of answers to simple queries to find their own answers, leaving HR to get on with more important tasks.

3. Informed staff

One of HR’s main aims is to keep staff well informed with timely communications from senior level. This could be over employment issues or new policies. It’s crucial that employees understand the information and know where to go to refer to it.  

Attollo offers a news centre which is featured on the home page and allows employees to quickly access relevant information. Not only does it save reams of paper from printed letters but it also puts an end to emails which get accidentally deleted or sent to junk folders.

4. Immediate responses with a modern-day intranet

When a manager is running late to conduct an interview, they don’t have time to start texting everyone involved. One alert using the @mention in Microsoft Teams chat, could save a lot of flapping and get someone to step in at the eleventh hour.

When that angel colleague has been located, it’s a simple case of scheduling to the group calendar. Link to the questions already prepared for the candidate, as well as their CV.

5. Better time management

A good understanding of how individuals are spending time can be accessed in a matter of clicks. What great analysis to share and sync calendars with Microsoft Outlook. It allows colleagues to see activity of others in real time. What a good way to plan ahead!

HR has here, an effective method of time management. This ultimately allows for more efficient business processes without significant investments of money.

6. Paper-chasing avoided

Attollo can act as a one-stop central shop for all things procedural. For example, if staff find they need to request a new piece of IT equipment as theirs is faulty, they could find a report to file this on the intranet. They could do this safely and securely, all while avoiding pestering HR to find them the correct form to fill in.

So, whether it’s risk assessment forms, sickness forms or holiday requests, put them in a designated folder on your intranet. Save tedious hours of paper chasing – all while saving a good hoard of trees.

And the quicker forms are filled in or issues are reported, the sooner they can be dealt with, making for a happier and more efficient workforce.

7. Payslips online

Consider the time HR could save on handing out payslips, in some instances printing them out, having to get replica ones when they original ones you they handed out were lost? What if staff could access them 24-7?

Making Attollo your staff go-to place for wageslips and various tax forms will free up so much time. Employees could check their slips there or access past ones or find P60s.

8. Training portals

HR teams can avoid timewasting, Instead of chasing staff to complete their GPDR training or watch the newest health and safety video, HR could upload these videos to one central place. A chart could monitor and flag which staff haven’t watched them.

An email to a busy member of staff asking them to attend a training session could be easily lost or avoided. An instant message telling them to check the online portal for a new video is much more likely to have a positive impact as staff can then do this when they have a gap in their work schedule.

9. Internal brand building

A strong brand helps employees to identify with the company mission, culture and vision. If all these things can be satisfied, they make for better satisfaction and engagement. Moreover, you have a workforce that is retained for longer.

Attollo can serve as a single platform where your brand can be embedded. This saves HR teams so much effort.  Simply placing news and photos or initiatives on the home page creates a dynamic intranet that ensures staff want to be part of the company ethos.

10. Attollo insights

HR teams should encourage staff to write blogs. This allows them to monitor company performance, project updates and even things like charity fundraisers. Thanks to the social tools embedded as part of the Attollo platform, HR can easily @mention, share, comment or ask for more information.

Most importantly, blogs are an important part of company culture. New starters are often encouraged to write a blog and give colleagues some insights into their lives. As a result, this gets them better equated with the intranet during the onboarding process.  

It can be frustrating for HR staff when they feel overwhelmed by lower-level tasks such as finding policies. With a modern-day intranet like Attollo in place, a HR team can put its heart into developing better company culture and engaging staff. This is far more efficient than being caught up in answering basic questions and onboarding.

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