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Attollo-ho-ho: Give your Intranet some festive fizz

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Christmas Intranet

We don’t want to alarm you… but it’s less than three weeks ‘til the big day. All the best Christmas ads are on the telly and the office decorations are out… if it’s not been up since the start of November.

But what does this time of year mean for your SharePoint intranet? Christmas is a fabulous excuse to really consider engagement and particularly how your colleagues can appreciate their daily digital workplace.

Christmas content

The minute it’s time to open advent calendars, people get excited for Christmas so why not launch a countdown on your Attollo homepage? Each day that’s opened could lead to a blog or video with interesting facts, plus who wouldn’t love an intertwined corny cracker joke? Whatever your users find interesting or fun, keep it going as it’ll have them coming back for more.

Celebrate good times – come on

Everyone loves being praised so why not make Christmas the time to reward that star worker? The one who always starts way before his shift or getting turfed out by the cleaners at night? Or the dedicated rep who’s put his all into helping a new colleague make their first sale. You could add this to your homepage so that everyone can celebrate with them.

You could also take the opportunity to celebrate the company as a whole and share a video of lots of colleagues over the last decade using Attollo’s Stream functionality. Awards won, colleagues gained, new offices built and fab projects completed are just a few ideas you could add to your clips. Staff will love spotting their younger selves and rekindling memories of yesteryear.

Free festivities

Festive freebies always go down a treat. Whether it’s the tray of mince pies in the staffroom or the fiver in an envelope for the Christmas bar. However, why not consider something digital to make everyone feel ultra festive every day they have to work? Use Custom Themes to create a yuletide feel, change your banners to red and green or create small falling snow for your intranet homepage. You could add Christmas hats to all your staff profile pics or add some cool Christmas GIFs.

It’s party time

Don’t forget the best functions of your intranet and make them work for you! Why not create a Christmas party form where your staff can choose from the menu for Christmas lunch? Treat your workforce to a longer lunch break! By pre-ordering on a designated form – which can easily be found on one simple platform – it speeds things up as well as ensures allergies are catered for well in advance.

Christmas contest

Who doesn’t enjoy the chance to win? Competitions are a great way to get staff to come to your intranet – and the prize doesn’t have to be major. The mere kudos of having their name in lights on the intranet homepage will be enough to get them involved. Even if some people are working from home, there are plenty of ways to get them gripped and coming back to log in to the intranet each day.

It could be a points chart for a few challenges on the run-up to the big day. Perhaps you could run a contest whereby people send in snaps of their outdoor lights display, most inventive Elf on the Shelf, or most decorative gingerbread house?

Positive mindset for 2022

This year has had its share of lows but this is why you need to share all the great things your company has been doing over the last 12 months. Ask staff to share a pic of their favourite moments but remember to keep it light-hearted and share the fun, as well as including the important number-crunching bits. It’s always nice for the CEO to add a Christmas message on the blog, thanking all the staff for their efforts.

If you want all your staff driving (to your) home(page) for Christmas or you’ve got some questions for us, we’d love to chat. Contact us today.

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