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Benefits of a digital workplace on the environment

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Digital Workplace

With the COP26 summit bringing parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, we thought it would be a good time to share how implementing an intranet like Attollo can help improve the environment.

Due to covid lockdowns, many employees were forced to work from home but now in late 2021, a lot of businesses are embracing hybrid working in an attempt to give employees the best of both worlds.

Cut down commuting

Implementing Attollo Intranet, a one stop shop where all of your employees can be together under one platform means staff can easily work remotely. By cutting down that daily commute to and from the office, that’s fewer emissions being burnt each day. Meetings can also be held on Microsoft Teams asAttollois a great intranet for SharePoint on Office365, therefore saving even more fuel.

An efficient digital workplace allows for fast collaboration with capabilities for departments to get together without a physical meeting room and a place to meet with external agencies or contractors. It can also link offices across different time zones thus saving on flights too!

Working from home

Every member of staff can get the information they need whether they are at home or on a building site, with conversations held in one central, searchable, organised environment. The intranet can be accessed from any device, replacing the need to travel even more miles by many individuals going to the same physical meeting space.

According to engineering solutions experts WSP, it definitely pays to work at home in the summertime as this savesapproximately400kg of carbon emissions. That’s the equivalent of 5% of a typical British commuter’s annual carbon footprint. This is because homeworking staff cut out their carbon emissions from their commute which would otherwise be greater than their home’s energy consumption. However, in the winter, more would be produced than an office worker due to the number of heating systems being turned on in the colder weather at individual homes.

Go paperless

With a digital workplace there is less need for toner, ink and paper. Documents are easily shared between colleagues without the need for printed documents. Not only does this save your company a lot of cash, but it also helps improve your business’s carbon footprint. More trees saved. Efficiency gained. No excuses for lost printer paperwork or newsletters. What’s not to love about going paperless?

Being environmentally sustainable is incredibly important to many businesses today with 44 percent of owners believing that becoming more environmentally sustainable is important for the future of business, according to a poll by Lloyds Bank.

Promote environmental initiatives

Of course, because you can spread every message on your intranet quickly and to everyone, you can let all workers know where your office recycling bins are going to be relocated and even set up a scheme to encourage people to bring reusable coffee mugs instead of throwing shop-bought cups and plastic lids in the waste.

Could you have an environmental competition within departments and see who will win? Get some friendly banter underway on a leader chart on your Attollo homepage so that everyone can get in on the action.

Want to know more? If you’d like to see how Attollo Intranet can be great for your business, we’d love to chat. We offer a free no obligation demonstration so you can see the magic for yourself. Contact us today for an appointment.

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