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Building a future proof digital workplace

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future proof digital workplace

The COVID pandemic has forced businesses everywhere to rethink and reimagine how their workplaces will operate, with many employees still not back in the office full time. Many companies are now opting for a hybrid model, which sees a combination of remote and office working.More and more business owners should be looking at becoming modern workplaces as employees seek to get a better work-life balance and look for personal growth. If bosses can offer flexibility to future employees, they are far more likely to retain those staff and help maintain a good work environment.

Invest in top technology

If you ask any employee what would make their job easier, they’ll probably say ‘better technology’. Implement a new intranet that is bespoke to your company and you’ll quickly benefit from the digital transformation. Countless colleagues will have wasted hours searching for files they should have instant access to. But when it comes to business, we all know time is money.

modern-day SharePoint intranet like Attollo sits on Office365 and provides the perfect central platform for all staff to store documents and connect – and better still, using any device they choose from wherever they are.

Attollo is 100 percent customisable so you can match it up with your company brand. It’s flexible and easy to use so staff can get started immediately. Best of all, we can deploy it within a matter of days and pack it with functionality so employees can make the most out of their working day.

Employee experience is essential   

If you expect employees to work at home some of the time, you need a digital workplace that supports this hybrid workforce. A new plan needs to be put in place to support culture, especially for those staff working remotely. No one wants to feel out of the loop because they’re missing office chat.

Anything that helps employees organise their days – and see what everyone else is up to – helps with productivity and engagement. This could be a leaderboard so they can see how their team is performing, a morning Teams video chat or a daily item on the news feed concerning their department. It could be as simple as a quick poll they can answer each day.

And if you have had an intranet before and spent money on web parts, you can use them with your shiny new Attollo intranet, so fewer things for staff to learn!

Encourage an empathic culture

Employees need help to cope with constant change and the best way to do this is to implement a reliable and instant communications system. No one wants to hang around waiting for answers to round robin emails when they could use Teams chat and get an instant response – as if they were with their colleagues in the office.

Creating a blog allows for feedback and comments which could help encourage dialogue between departments, for example. Building a team means more support, better collaboration for projects and is great for sociability. 

Why not encourage a culture of recognition, which can also bring a whole new attitude and outlook on the company, as well as on working life? One feature lots of our clients like to include is some form of appreciation page. So why not take to your new platform to sing people’s praises when they do something good? Feature their picture on your homepage and let others bombard them with compliments.

Take time to teach and upskill staff

Ask your staff what matters to them and provide that functionality with help from Attollo. If workers need longer to learn new office processes they may benefit from one-to-one sessions. With the Attollo Training Portals, you can add videos, documents and course notes to enable your workforce to become smarter, work better and save money by easy knowledge sharing.

Perhaps they need a spreadsheet they can update in real-time while they are working remotely, rather than waiting for a standard sheet to be updated and saved. With our intranet, they can.

To build a great digital workplace, where staff grow and improve, employees need to drive your digital strategy. The better experience an employee has, the more likely they will be engaged, driven, more productive and collaborate better. This means support needs to be ongoing for new software, tools and functionality that you might introduce.

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