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The best way to drive the need for better communication

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In these unprecedented times, covid-19 has made companies up and down the country re-think the efficiency of their internal communications and need for better communication. Any executives considering purchasing a new intranet will want to know exactly how it will boost these, as well as improve their bottom line.

If your company bosses still need convincing that a new intranet, like Attollo, is the way forward, share these frequent problems and how they can be easily solved.

Quick turnover of staff

When communication is poor, this often leads staff to hand in their resignation as they can be left feeling so frustrated, ill-informed, confused or anxious.

To keep employees happy at work, you need to offer them the best digital experience. And that means great technology that’s available at their fingertips.

Besides being able to find everything and everyone they want quickly, it’s a great idea for an intranet to host a recognition system which can be used by all users to highlight great work and achievements within the organisation, making those who work there feel valued.

Missed deadlines

How many staff can reel off the times they’ve been unable to find data they need as it was stored on ancient hard drives or within stacked papers in archaic storerooms, only to find that it wasn’t up-to-date?

Having a centralised access point for such files can save so much time when it comes to meeting deadlines. And of course, hitting them can make that crucial difference between getting repeat business and more referrals and someone ending a contract.

Poor productivity

With Attollo intranet, you can create blogs, schedule meetings, meet face-to-face and do many more tasks without having to flick between several apps every few minutes. Ultimately this saves employees time, therefore increasing productivity.

When colleagues are working here there are everywhere it can be tricky to know where everyone is up to with their tasklist. With Attollo, you can keep tabs on workloads easily and in real time. After all, while an employee is logged on, they could be preoccupied with something else. An intranet can keep everyone in check.

Bad culture

An organisation with a strong, positive culture usually indicates more job satisfaction, better communication, and high employee retention.

Modern intranets provide great places for collaboration and centralised communications but most of all they offer staff the chance to be incredibly sociable. And when it comes to high levels of productivity, you certainly want your staff to work as a team.

 With Attollo, you can engage new employees, reward current staff, acknowledge achievements and provide instant feedback or support.  With Microsoft Teams to communicate, staff can use GIFs or Emojis to message as they would on their phones. Allowing staff to get in touch this way can help build trust as well as encourage friendships and great collaboration.


The best way to prevent gossip from spreading is to stop it happening in the first place. And the greatest way to do that is with tip top internal communications.

Attollo offers a ‘news centre’ feature which means companies can update staff with important announcements. Job opportunities, training or crucial results as the information becomes available.  By having a central platform for this feature, it means there is less chance of miscommunication. There is more chance that people will hear the news that is relevant to them. At the correct time.

And because Attollo is fully mobile, it can be accessed on any device. Wherever your staff are, making it a fabulous option for those who have to work from home.

Free demonstration

If you’d like more ways to sell a successful buy-in of a new intranet, check out our ebook: 10 Steps to Executive Buy-In of a Modern Intranet and see how you can encourage the need for better communication.

If you’d like to book in for a demonstration, Attollo will show you the full range of benefits that can be achieved. In terms of payment, there are no nasty surprises down the line. We offer two simple payment options – upfront or spread – so yet another plus point for the chiefs.

By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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