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11 SharePoint tips and tricks for 2022

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SharePoint Tips

SharePoint is a wonderful platform that can help teams save time on processes, communicate more effectively and so much more. But if left unorganised, it can often cause confusion and end up in a mess! We’ve put together our top tips and tricks for a well-oiled SharePoint in 2022.

1. Set your standards for how to use SharePoint

Avoid a messy, unorganised SharePoint that creates more harm than good, by setting out some standards before introducing it to your employees. Establish rules such us what files will be uploaded, where to and how they will be named.

2. Utilise multi-factor authentication

Initiating multifactor factor authentication will increase your security levels as it will require more than just a username and password to log in. Employees will need to type in a code sent to their mobile phones for improved security.

3. Customise your SharePoint

Make your digital workplace enjoyable for employees to use. Customise your SharePoint with your logo and branding to make it feel like an extension of the company.

4. Enable alerts

It’s very easy to miss something when employees are working in different environments, editing the same documents. Set up alerts so that employees are notified when a change has been made.

5. Tag documents

Stop wasting time searching through files for documents by setting up tags. This will allow employees to search for a certain topic such as ‘Policies’ and have exactly what they need pulled up.

6. Don’t copy and paste content

To avoid any HTML markups being accidentally copied over, it’s best practice to always write your content directly in SharePoint.

7. Power Automate

As organisations grow, some tasks become larger and more time-consuming. But this doesn’t need to be the case. Microsoft Power Automate allows you to automate tedious processes by creating workflows.

8. Lock documents

Want to share a document for an employee to read but not be able to make edits to it? Easy! Just lock the document so that it is still viewable, but not possible to update.

9. Restore documents

Don’t fret when you accidentally lose a document library. You can now restore a document library with ease! Just head to the library and click ‘restore this library’.

10. Use permissions to manage access

You may have documents that need to be accessible to some employees but not all. You can limit permissions on the SharePoint library easily by navigating to the library settings then ‘permissions for this document library’.

11. Lockdown sharing

It is possible for users in Office 365 to share documents and files outside the organisation with external users, which may lead to data leakages or security breaches. To avoid this, use sharing links with expiration links for SharePoint sites or lock down sharing to trusted domains only.

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