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10 ways a company intranet can improve internal communications

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Good internal communication – that is, creating and delivering effective messages and campaigns on behalf of a company’s management – is crucial for every business and can be greatly improved with a company intranet.

Keeping your colleagues in the know about new policies, upcoming events, changes in staffing or the general health of the company is essential. It provides a sense of transparency – and that gains respect from staff.

Allowing departments to set goals, collaborate and share knowledge encourages creativity, motivation and ramped-up productivity. A company intranet like Attollo provides the perfect collaborative platform to benefit your internal communications team. Here’s how:

1.Create a social experience

Social networks – think Facebook and twitter – are effective because they let people to connect quickly. Companies should create an engaging environment whereby sharing is easy between colleagues. Some companies have even scrapped their internal emails systems because they can rely on a company intranet like Attollo, for all their effective communication needs.

2.Give staff a voice

Employees want to know all the news that affects them. They also want to be heard. Why not implement a company intranet build on SharePoint – and give them the chance to have their say?

In days gone by, data only ever flowed one way – from the bosses down to the workers. There was no option for employees to engage with their management teams. Attollo is a great way to give employees that option. After all, if a certain process isn’t working well, who is most qualified to let you know?

Use Microsoft Teams as an area for this discussion and instant feedback. Staff will be already familiar with tagging, liking and sharing with social media outside of work. So why not let them collaborate on a live discussion?

3.Consistent and timely messaging

If there are redundancies to be made, it’s best to let everyone know at the same time. Relying on emails to spread this unwelcome news, is not a great move due to them getting lost, bouncing or being left unread in inboxes.

Anyone impacted by changes should find out the news at the same time. No one wants to feel less important than other colleagues. Make messaging consistent with Attollo.

4. Live action updates

Use the intranet as a tool to drive results. As Attollo sits on Microsoft 365, it can surface documents so they are quick to find. Simply add a link to the homepage so teams can quickly see which tasks need to be done first. This can be updated in real time so that work is not repeated and therefore, time is saved.

With Attollo, team members distributed across a wide geographical area feel more connected as documents can be stored centrally and can be accessed via mobile, tablet or desktop wherever staff are in the world.

5. Share internal news

Internal newsletters can be shared with employees digitally, allowing internal comms teams to incorporate plenty of updates, making it an excellent tool for good communication.

But remember that staff won’t always have time to read masses of words. Try using infographics, short videos or pictures to illustrate a point. This will make the content both memorable and engaging.

6.Reliable source for information

If staff have documents they need to do their job readily available on the company intranet, they’ll be more likely to access them and use the system frequently. If that information is up to date, even better.

Making data simple to find is the crux because it means staff can get answers to their questions quickly and easily.  Each department can take responsibility for keeping their content fresh and relevant, making it a great internal communications resource for the entire workforce.    

7. Ask an expert

One great way an intranet can improve internal communications is by using it to share expert knowledge. Identify a professional in your company who could write a blog or share an instructional video. This helps to promote certain departments, share insights and retain knowledge within the business. This is also great for newcomers as it can help them get up to speed quickly.

Attollo’s people directory promotes effective internal communication as it allows staff to search for these experts themselves. They can also find people with key skills who may be great to collaborate with in future.

8.Reward and recognise

Internal comms teams should acknowledge colleagues who have been working hard. Especially those who may have gone under the radar. Incorporate rewards and social media shout-outs to take recognition to the next level. Employees will be thrilled to be acknowledged by their peers and managers. As a result, this brings about a great company culture. Staff can congratulate and perhaps, be inspired themselves.

9. Revisit missions and values

Some employees may have been away from the office over the last year. Create new opportunities for them to reconnect with the values of your company.

By creating a site page on Attollo, you can bring staff together for a shared purpose. It might be a team-building exercise. You could introduce a new social channel, where people have the chance to like, comment, share or react.

10. Boost in productivity and engagement

Without effective internal communication, businesses can see slumps in productivity and staff engagement. Implementing a company intranet is a great way to boost company culture,ensuring all staff have the chance to be heard.

Finally, if staff feel happy and valued, you can expect to see a surge in productivity and engagement.

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