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How can an intranet improve company culture?

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Have you ever found yourself asking how can an intranet improve company culture? Ever worked in a place where the workforce is downbeat, technology is terrible, and productivity is at rock bottom? Perhaps the teams were out of touch, communication was non-existent, and staff were looking for jobs elsewhere?

While implementing a modern-day intranet is not the only component of great company culture, it’s certainly a tool proven to aid in the permeation of it. And a digital workspace reflects the existing culture or represents what it could become.

With an intranet system, you could expect to see great collaboration between employees which in turn can lead to an excellent working atmosphere and more satisfied staff.

Here we share some ways in which adopting a digital workplace can boost corporate culture.

Feedback and engagement

To keep staff satisfied they need to be constantly engaged. A modern-day intranet, such as Attollo, can make it easy for employers to provide feedback and show employees how to action on it, instantly.

For example, you could create a survey, distribute it amongst employees and see responses measured in real time – about as instant as you can get – which is great for employee morale.  Posting a question about a work practise could spark ideas and insights, resulting in the forming of relationships and new ways of working.

Managers can use in-built analytic capabilities to reward those who are actively engaged and motivate those who need encouragement.

Get staff talking

How many staff waste precious time trying to find someone they need from another department to ask a simple question – one that is stopping them doing their job – only to make a series of unsuccessful phone calls in a bid to track them down? A simple but effective company directory could break down so many barriers and get that conversation flowing.

According to a McKinsey Global Institute study, the implementation of an intranet can eliminate a large portion of wasted work time, including 28% spent writing and replying to emails and another 20% spent searching for internal resources or colleagues with specific skills.

Collaborate the dream team

Using an out of the box intranet like Attollo, which sits on SharePoint, means you have a great selection of collaboration tools at your disposal. With everything saved centrally so it can be found easily. Tasks can be allocated to members, handy web links can be shared and every digital tool you may need is there to be used.

Updates for all

When some employees are in the office, some are on the move and some are at home it can be difficult when there is company news to announce. Some staff can miss important updates simply due to where the leadership team is, but this can also cause staff to feel they are less important.

Using an intranet to share news means everyone can access information at the same time.

Credit where it’s due

Who doesn’t love being praised for doing something well or going way and above to achieve a milestone in work?

An employee intranet can act as a great platform for those workers to be recognised. In turn, means they’re more likely to be engaged, resulting in higher levels of productivity.

An intranet is a great tool for collaboration and is a fundamental aspect when it comes to team building. It also acts as a central communication hub.

We hope this answered your question of how can an intranet improve company culture.

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By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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