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How the SharePoint intranet provides the complete digital experience

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Intranet Digital Experience

When it comes to your business, workers need a place to go to find critical information that doesn’t disappear as new stuff is added, frequent and relevant content, flexibility for publishing such as image formatting, and a launchpad to link to common apps and navigate the intranet quickly and easily.

Too much to ask? Not with a SharePoint intranet.

Why do we keep singing the praises of SharePoint? Simply, because it’s a great base technology option. So flexible for business and offers great value, especially if you’re using it alongside a tool like Microsoft Teams. If you’re already working on Office365, it’s a no-brainer.

Some people may react negatively when they hear SharePoint. That’s because in times gone by, customisation was necessary, and implementation would take months. But now it has a much slicker interface, excelled performance and is much less reliant on developers – and that’s why we LOVE it.

Here we share exactly why you should get started with a SharePoint intranet:

Great options

One of the best things about SharePoint is that it works perfectly alongside Attollo intranet to provide extra page layouts, pre-built web parts (yes, those ones you just bought for your old intranet), site templates and more, allowing a fabulous intranet to be created within weeks.

These intranet products are effective, great value and fully leverage the power of SharePoint to deliver the kind of modern day intranet that businesses today require.

Integration with Office 365 and other Microsoft tools

With Attollo, you can very quickly integrate lists of Teams spaces and create as well as store OneDrive documents, without having to ask developers for help. We can even create custom apps that can also integrate which is great for advanced workflow.

We can also have options for weaving process improvement like Power Automate and reporting (Power BI) into it too.  The analysis tools are now available within the program instead of having to import them; so significant time is saved on importing data from other sources

Bespoke for how you work

Having a SharePoint intranet like Attollo supports collaboration and communication no matter what the size of your company. A SharePoint intranet brings access to the daily flow of work with colleagues straight away able to see where they are up to. Easy integration of Teams creates the perfect one-stop platform with every form of instant communication available to staff. Attollo offers an entire digital workplace, customisable to how you work.

Creating and sharing content

We know intranets are all about communicating and sharing. But content is also key. SharePoint can be fully utilised to allow for content publishing and management to meet all your company’s needs. Features like approval workflow, calendars and news templates are all included with Attollo’s SharePoint offering, as well as social features likes, newsfeeds and chats. Your content can also be targeted to different groups, meaning it can appear seamlessly together and targeted at different employees.

And did we mention how easy it is to share said information? SharePoint allows for document sharing and distribution, knowledge management and collaboration. SharePoint Libraries can be used to create, organise and manage different types of documents, as well as collaborate with team members on them.

Fully digital workplace

Attractive layouts, easy-on-the-eye designs, good publishing interfaces, much-improved performance… What more could you need?  SharePoint facilitates a much better user experience, improved access and shared knowledge across multiple devices as well as a connected work environment, wherever your staff are working.

You can also rest assured that an investment in a SharePoint intranet is future—proof and can be easily evolved thanks to adding more functionality or extra features.

More questions?

If you want to know more about how Attollo’s SharePoint intranet would be great for your business, we can show you with a free demonstration. Simply click here to book a slot and we’ll show you exactly how it works.

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