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How to create an effective digital workplace

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Technology and the way we work is changing faster than we can imagine – that’s why a digital workplace is necessary to move forward.

Businesses often talk about having a five or ten-year plan. But how, when the world we live in is so uncertain? Who would have predicted 18 months ago that a flu pandemic would force much of the country to work remotely?

How is it possible today to plan so far ahead? The answer is creating a digital workplace.

What does a digital workplace look like?

It’s the digital version of your ideal physical workplace. It’s an ability to gather digital tools and use them collaboratively with other technology or platforms. Workers can access what they need quickly whilst silos between departments are removed.

How might a future digital workplace look?

The future of work will be defined by customised solutions, wellbeing, and a major focus on company culture. Technology will be key to aligning colleagues’ experience and engagement. As a result, there will be a rise in productivity.

In the next decade, there will be much more appreciation of a good work-life balance. We predict shorter working days and chatbots doing menial tasks, for instance.


A modern-day intranet is a great way to open up the gates to your new digital workplace. It gives employees the flexibility to connect from anywhere and at any time. This is far more conducive for staff who want a better work/life balance. With more people working at home, it makes much more sense for flexibility to be boosted for staff.


Attollo’s aim is to create digital workplace destinations for any business, regardless of size. Our intranet inspires and empowers employees to connect, collaborate and communicate.

Everyone wants to have a winning workforce because that means happy staff. After all, that’s what good businesses are made of. Create empowerment at work because it enables a happier and more productive team.

To win, start with people and not financial gain. Once staff feel valued and supported, they will be more likely to care about the company as a whole, rather than just getting their immediate job done.

Productivity boost

Did you know that the average employee spends a day a week searching for information that should be available at the click of a button? That’s a whole lot of wasted cash.

With an intranet, staff members can safely access everything they need under one platform. Moreover, Attollo Intranet fully integrates into your Office 365 platform to enhance your employee experience.


Using Google Analytics in line with your intranet means you can measure key data. Most importantly, you can make sure you’re on track to meet your KPIs. You can quickly spot how long customers are spending time on your website or on which pages they don’t spend much time. This data can then be used to influence areas. For example, to improve employee engagement.

Better communication

Maximising the opportunity for sharing can only improve productivity. Digital workplaces let staff share content or ideas, get instant feedback, and retrieve information quickly.

By setting up a news centre with input from each department, you can be sure that everyone in the workplace is up to date about the things that matter most. For example, the senior leadership team can send out a weekly column to warn everyone about new job opportunities or changes in departments.

Idea crowdsourcing is a great place for every employee to check out challenges and help others to think creatively.

Higher retention rates

Get all new starters up to speed quickly because this is essential for getting them to stay for the long term.  If employees get a good vibe about internal communications and modern technology, they’ll be more likely to get involved with all aspects of the company.

For instance, wellbeing initiatives, social interaction, and competitions can all be driven by a digital workplace.

Apart but still together

There may not be gathering in the office kitchen but you can still engage with a digital workplace if your staff are working from home. For example, using things like initiatives or performance campaigns are great ways to maintain good social interaction.

Learn more ways to make your digital workplace fit for the future

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