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How to ensure a vital technology change will be supported

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Unfortunately, as with everything, it’s not just a case of implementing a marvelous new intranet and away you go. While it is an incredible piece of kit that will see all of your workforce working uniformly. Under one platform there will always be staff, particularly of older generations, who may be resistant to change whilst others embrace it. Here’s how to ensure vital technology change will be supported!

When it comes to convincing the head honchos that you need a new intranet to work smarter, you’ll need to demonstrate just how poor the current intranet is too. And that you guarantee you’ll be there to support the technology’s implantation. As well as offer training to get unsure staff up to speed – and most importantly, sustain the interest once it’s up and running.

Existing internal communications

Ask your colleagues for feedback on the state of the current communications. Share those stressful stories with the senior leadership team. It could be that they spent a number of hours searching for a simple file that should have been accessible within a minute.

Show how Attollo would be the perfect solution by backing up stories with statistics. If they find it hard to relate, they’ll find it hard to refuse when they see how employee experience improves with customer satisfaction rates.

Get employees onboard

Once the leadership team is on board, it’s time to take it to the masses. Before launching your intranet, you’ll need to prep people for a smooth transition. Listen to views and concerns from those who will be using it. Get feedback and show you have acted on it.

It’s also beneficial to select some confident employees who would be good leaders. To help rally staff and assist in giving guidance to help you through the implementation.  

Extra training

With new technology, you have to consider the age of your workforce. Some may be millennials who have grown up with emojis, GIFs and instant messaging at home and expect the same and better when they go to work.

But some will want to stick to what they know, even if it means checking their emails and dare we say it, text messages, using a multi-device approach. For those more resistant to change, you’ll need to create training to get them up to speed. This could be in the form of regular and short one-to-one coaching sessions where they can ask any questions and try the new intranet system out for themselves.

Sustaining interest

Ease colleagues into the process by introducing new functions each week as you roll-out different parts of the intranet system. Keep staff entertained by introducing rewards and make this a fun challenge as this will also help to break down social barriers at work with some friendly competition.

Make sure there are intranet management teams that will be responsible for monitoring content, making sure it’s relevant and that each department has posted equally. If employees are posting, then you’ll know what they want to see as they’ll be creating it.

Make the site an essential resource

If company managers use the new intranet, then employees will naturally follow and be forced to join in. Making essential documents and data only accessible through your Attollo portal will mean that logging on is unavoidable. Employees will also need to know who their go-to person is in the event of any queries.

Securing buy-in for intranet adoption

Focus on the solution and its benefits for your team. Our experts can show you these and more with a free demonstration. If you need more information, you can also read our eBook:  10 Steps to Executive Buy-In of a Modern Intranet.

Categorised as Misc

By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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