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How to improve DEX with your company Intranet

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How to improve DEX with your company Intranet

With technology ever-changing, it’s important to make it a priority for more than just your customers, as has been the focus for the last decade.

Very often technical know-how can be a stumbling block for staff, many of whom spend more time being frustrated than able to do their job.

If you want to keep up with your competitors, it’s time to ensure that your workforce has a great digital employee experience or ‘DEX’.

DEX concerns how staff holistically interact with their digital tools including the systems, processes and capabilities that support them.

Who cares about the digital employee experience?

There are multiple benefits to be gained by improving the DEX. Workers will have much more satisfaction in their roles, which inevitably means they stay longer at your company.

Production is much greater because processes become streamlined, resulting in a very efficient business model.

Why can an employee intranet help with DEX?

Staff want to be able to find necessary apps they want quickly, work remotely if they need to and access a central platform from any device they choose.

Improving the DEX by creating a unified platform that allows workers to engage and interact instantaneously is key to productivity. This is where a modern-day intranet can be extremely beneficial – and here are some more reasons:

Creates a bespoke experience

What you want from a modern-day intranet like Attollo, is the ability to create a customised experience for your users. This could be creating a personalised design or generating new drop-down menus.

With Attollo, boost staff engagement by configuring your own colours, fonts, images, and logos to make your intranet your own and best of all, ensure it is aligned with your brand.

You can even have your pages set out as you prefer them. As Attollo is built on SharePoint, users have total flexibility to implement what they need for their company.

Gives employees resources they need

An intranet is a brilliant tool for a seamless user experience, as it can improve and solve problems across multiple departments in your company.

Staff can use Attollo to assist with DEX as they can find documents quickly, such as policies, online training courses, forms and have a centralised interface on which to work.

Boosts employee focus

Attollo offers built-in integration to Office 365 and SharePoint, as well as ways to build bespoke integrations.

Using a proper enterprise social network like Yammer, allows a centralised platform for conversations all integrated into different user-centric systems across the business and app presented back through the intranet.

For example, companies with thousands of users could choose Yammer as their main instant messaging tool, with a thread for HR questions. Then embed it onto the HR section of their intranet, meaning just one central place for all HR communications.

However, Attollo encourages businesses to be self-sufficient, rather than rely on another human for answers. Our experts are working to reduce those human conversations by making the information easily accessible and reliable.

Improves communications

Having a modern-day intranet allows employees to engage through surveys or feedback for instant answers. They get immediate support, or it could be used as an awards board to show staff that they are valued through recognition online.

Want an all-singing, all-dancing intranet for your workplace?

To succeed in business today and blast those productivity levels through the roof, you need to consider the needs of your staff. User priorities are key when it comes to class digital solutions.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog about how to improve DEX with your company Intranet. If you want to implement an out of the box intranet, contact Attollo’s digital experts for a demo.

Categorised as Misc

By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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