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How to make your intranet about your employees

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Intranet About Employees

Your intranet doesn’t just have to be a place where your CEO rattles out a load of statistics about how your business has grown this year.

Of course, that’s good stuff for staff to know but it can also be somewhere they can go to learn more about their colleagues, be sociable and find out more about topics that interest them, for example, wellbeing, self-help or mental health.

Here’s how to make your Attollo Intranet somewhere that places much emphasis on your employees, rather than just the business.

Encourage employees to generate content

Staff are using your intranet so they’ll want to read content that interests them so inspire them by creating a poll on a specific subject or ask someone to create a post that they can start a raft of comments about. By asking for ideas for improvements, you can expect an upsurge of employees becoming engaged.

You can also use the intranet as a great place to discuss popular topics such as mental health. Allow people to share and discuss their experiences, as well as where they can find resources such as books and discover who they can contact within the company if they need help.

Make news stories about people

People like to read stories that resonate, not just figures. The ‘Did you know we made £3M last year’ headline is all very well and important but what aboutAndy from HR who climbed Kilimanjaro at the weekend and raised £5,000 for charity? Make sure there is a balance of stories in the news center and blog, and that they are as people-centric as possible.

Welcome new staff

Make a real introduction of that recruit by using a ‘staff spotlight’ rather than just announcing in a newsletter somewhere that they’ve started. People will be much more interested to learn that new Sarah in accounts is a trained lizard keeper in her spare time than just her achievements in past roles. Add a photo of her, make a real focus on her personal profile and allow people to comment to introduce themselves.


Let’s be honest. Everyone loves a pat on the back. So why not share the good news of your hardworking colleagues far and wide? Try implementing a new chart on your intranet homepage to show the top sellers for a new product, for example. This will encourage friendly, competitive banter between colleagues which is also great for team building.


A reward should be offered as an incentive for reaching the top spot for the longest number of days or the most times in a set period. Colleagues will be logging in to check their and their team’s performance so a sure-fire way to have them log on the intranet each day.

Perks of the job

There have got to be benefits of working in every role let staff know theirs! Perhaps you could offer free coffee, an onsite gym membership, reduced creche fees, cheaper car parking, bonuses… The list is endless, but all will be appreciated by employees.

Inspire and surprise

It’s always good to tease or surprise colleagues to keep giving them a reason to come back each day. You could use key days or charity initiatives to drive users in to see what has changed. For example, an area on World Book Day where colleagues can leave a small review of a book they’d recommend to a friend.

Google Doodles, the fun and spontaneous changes made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous people. Why not do something similar on your homepage using Attollo’s Campaign Manager functionality?

Let people have their say

Folk love to give their opinions so why not let them with a quick poll? It doesn’t have to be work-related; it could just be for fun to get the interaction going and ultimately create a better working culture. You could ask them which three items they’d take to a desert island or their favourite Brad Pitt movie. You can always intertwine these with work questions about the best ways to send them the latest bulletin, for example.

Want to learn more?

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