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Improving your workplace culture through the Intranet

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Workplace Culture

With covid having changed the way workplaces exist for the inevitable, it could still feel very different in the office if many staff are still working remotely.

It may seem an impossible feat to create a good workplace culture with everyone dispersed but it can be achieved with help from an intranet. The last thing you want is potential new starters, who are quickly able to google what it’s like at your company, stumbling across is a bunch of negative reviews about the ‘poor working environment’.

No amount of technology can concoct the perfect working culture – but an intranet can certainly further its efforts. Creating an engaging communications outlet and building a fun workspace are the best ways to encourage people to adopt the intranet and start contributing themselves.

An intranet like Attollo is a great tool to quickly engage all employees. Simply writing a blog or a poll can be tracked with built-in analytic capabilities so you can see exactly who is joining in.

What creates a good working culture?

Culture simply means the beliefs and behaviours that determine how people within a company interact. In a workplace, this is influenced by the environment.

Staff should look forward to coming to work, taking on new challenges, and having a good catch-up with their colleagues. Tasks may be tough but they, along with the person dishing them out, shouldn’t provide any kind of stress. Where they do, working culture needs to be addressed as a major priority.

Here we share some of the ways an intranet can help rebalance a workplace where culture is amiss.

Great communication

Open communication is the best way to foster a trusting, positive workplace. Allow everyone to have a voice by providing all kinds of interaction from forums to polls and the opportunity to comment on any blogs or news articles they might read on your intranet.

Attollo is a great sociable platform where staff can gather socially, as well as on work projects. They can chat, comment, like or share whatever interests them thanks to Microsoft Teams. Being able to communicate instantly and openly is great for workers who may still be working remotely.

Our people directory allows staff to find new colleagues with the right experience to collaborate with or to fill the vital hole in tonight’s 5-a-side team. A quick glance in the people search could find the perfect person.


Encourage people to use their intranet as part of their daily routine. Show them that everything they need to use is on the intranet under one platform. It will save them time and ultimately, happy people make for a more productive workplace.

And for those who need a little more encouragement, create reasons to go to the intranet – make it feel exclusive – including events areas and promotions opportunities.

Learning and innovation

Taking time out to improve staff skills is valuable to employees but also to the business as a whole. If staff feel valued enough to get the training they’ll form a desirable connection to your company and love the chance to learn new skills.

Provide training videos and encourage people to help themselves. With Attollo, you can create regular updates in the training portal for those who may need a little more help.

Good leaders

Leading by example is what you want when it comes to your new intranet. If those at the helm use the intranet to create two-way communication and encourage ideas and contributions, rather than just dictating their weekly message, it will soon banish any toxic environments.

Attollo plays a critical role in supporting the growth of relationships in every stratosphere of the business, which is vital to nurturing a positive culture and a place where knowledge sharing happens.


Give employees plenty of reason to visit your intranet by providing interactive activities. For example, you could have a leadership chart for the most sales that week to create some healthy office competition. You might have a ‘star worker’ award which will keep staff coming back each week to check if it’s their photo in the frame today.

Offer different perks and change these regularly to keep up the interest in logging in. It might be free coffee or snacks, a half-price pass at the local gym, or free parking!

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