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Intranet ideas: How to keep your content fresh

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Refresh Intranet Content

So you’ve implemented a new intranet. Now you just need some assistance with content and generating enthusiasm in your organisation around the new intranet. Here are six ideas on how to keep your Intranet content fresh!

You finally persuaded your manager to implement a new modern-day intranet – and your wish came true. The launch was a success, everyone got on board with learning how to use it and having many more staff working at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it was brought to light exactly how vital it was.

However, a few months down the line you feel like you’ve reached a plateau. Adoption rates have nosedived and the content on your intranet is starting to look a bit drab and dreary, with no new news since you started.

Employees start to feel disconnected if they think they’re missing out on company news. If you’re worried that your intranet is starting to lose its lustre, our team at Attollo is here to help.

Name the intranet

Do your staff literally say they’re logging onto the ‘intranet’ or do they use a specific name? If you implemented our modern system you might have stuck with Attollo. But you might want to change to something that suits your workplace more.

You need a buzzword – something that sticks. You could even give the staff a chance to name it and give a prize to the winner. Think ‘The Apprentice’ and you’ll soon be coming up with names like Legacy, Synergy and Unison – but hopefully something better!

Visually entice

When it comes to homepages, black and white won’t cut it. If you want to attract staff you need to use visually engaging colours – it could be turquoise on a yellow background for some text boxes.

You might use photos, graphics or videos to appeal to those using the system. After all, blocks of endless text are enough to put anyone off, let alone encourage them to keep coming back day in, day out.

You could even add images connected to themes, for example, spots when it’s getting close to Children in Need week.

Plan a content calendar

Don’t just rely on ad-hoc content with random stories and odd videos. Content needs to be carefully planned with a strategy involved. You can involve several teams to ensure you cover news that’s happening across all departments. For example, you’ll want to plan ahead to get a press release on the intranet when you announce a new manager is starting.

You may use a national calendar day and plan some sponsored events around it to help generate some interest. You’ll want to save space in March to share some financial performance news before the tax year is out.

Putting a team together to be responsible for adding relevant will ensure people get the news that is relevant to them when it’s appropriate.

People power

You don’t want your intranet to just be a place for figures and facts. Staff love seeing the achievements of others they work with and competing for top spots in sales ranks, for example.

So why not use the intranet as a great excuse to sing from the rooftops about the achievements of others? Although they’ll often deny it, staff love to be acknowledged and rewarded for their hard graft.

Showcase some great work, video a surprise This is Your Life diary on a long-standing member of staff, award the person that reaches the top of the leaderboard for recruitment or goes the extra mile to be helpful. Profiles of each staff member can be updated using the people directory – a helpful tool on Attollo to help colleagues find people they may not know for collaborative projects.

Add chat forums

While you don’t want staff gossiping about what they’re wearing out on Saturday, you do want staff to engage as it brings people from different areas of the business together to work on projects.

Having chat forums is a great way to get answers quickly rather than relying on round-robin emails. Using Microsoft Teams on Attollo means you can instantly message others in your team and get instant feedback. It’s also a great way to raise problems, ask for help or share insight with workmates. By simply using @mentions you can draw people into conversations and get answers fast.

Encourage engagement

If staff enjoy using the intranet, they will contribute regularly and use it frequently – exactly what you want. Staff should be encouraged to create user-generated content, for example, posts they can like, share or comment on.

All work and no play makes for a dull day so be sure to add some time to relax, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak and restrictions. It could be something as simple as sharing some pictures of your pet or baby.

Here to help

We hope you have found this blog, Intranet ideas: How to keep your content fresh useful. If you’d like more ideas to give your intranet some zing, we’d love to hear from you. Our team here at Attollo is offering a free demonstration to show you the full range of benefits possible with our employee intranet, so contact us today.

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