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Middlemarch Environmental and Attollo partner up for digital growth

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We’re extremely delighted to announce that Middlemarch Environmental has partnered with Attollo Intranet to deliver a digital future, ready for growth.

Middlemarch wanted to create a digital workplace that would become the go-to place for employees that work offsite and mainly on the go. 

For Middlemarch, the Intranet would be a place to share important work documents such as surveys and health and safety policies, improve team culture with induction areas and monthly meetings, as well as improve processes with features like shared calendars for site visits.

Attollo was built with a user-centric approach rather than a mobile-first approach. We wanted to create a solution that allowed the user to work on the device and browser that suits them rather than forcing them down a particular route.

Christopher Hayton, Executive Director at Middlemarch Environmental, said: “Our teams conduct surveys and fieldwork across the country and so have to be able to work on the go. This can create challenges when sharing important information or attempting to communicate between remote teams. We want to create a central space that makes information and communications easily accessible and keeps the whole team engaged. We’re confident that, with the support of Attollo, this intranet solution will do exactly that.”

Sam Dolan, Creative Director at Attollo Intranet, said: “We are thrilled to be working on this project with Middlemarch, to provide an effective SharePoint Intranet that is user friendly, gets the workforce where they need to be as fast as possible, and engages remote employees. We’re really looking forward to getting this project rolling and helping Middlemarch reach their business goals.”

If you are looking to create a go-to Intranet for your employees like Middlemarch, contact our trusted team today or book a demo!

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