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9 productivity tips to help you on Microsoft 365

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Productivity M365 Tips

We are constantly trying to find ways to work quicker and smarter. And Microsoft Office 365 has so much to offer to help with this that many people aren’t aware of. So we’ve put together our top nine tips to help with your productivity on M365.

Organise meetings with scheduling assistant

Don’t waste time emailing back and forth to find a time that suits all. Instead, use the Microsoft Scheduling Assistant to share calendars. Just create the event, add the people you want to do invite, and let the software find a time that works.

Utilise the focused inbox in Outlook
Don’t get overwhelmed by unnecessary emails every morning. Declutter your inbox by making use of the ‘focused’ and ‘other’ folders in Outlook. This will move the most important emails into the focused folder, keeping the less important out of sight until you click on the ‘other’ folder.

Read Aloud

Outlook also provides the feature to read your email aloud. Open any email from your inbox, go to the “Message” tab, and click the “Read Aloud” option. You can even highlight some specific text and ask to read it. It also shows you the menu option where you can change the reading speed and select the voice. If the “Read Aloud” option is not enabled in your Outlook, you can go to “File” and click “Options”. Go to the “Ease of Access” tab and tick the “Show Read Aloud” checkbox. Afterward, click “OK”.

Look up things the smart way

Spend less time asking colleagues over teams answers to your questions. Instead, use the ‘tell me’ feature to search words, phrases and facts to find information instantly! You can find this in the navigation bar.

Restore deleted work

We’ve all accidentally closed something before saving before! Don’t waste time redoing your work when you can restore the last saved copy and the previous 24 copies before that! You can do this in SharePoint or OneDrive by clicking File then Info and selecting View.

Share files through SharePoint

Rather than trying to attach big files to your email and blocking up your inbox, use the Share+ function in SharePoint to add a shareable link to your emails.

Remember keyboard shortcuts

There are SO many useful shortcuts on Office 365. Not only does this save time, but it can also make it easier for employees that have limited mobility or vision impairments.

Keep your notes organised

Microsoft’s OneNote allows you to store information and take notes. You can add links, photos, drawings and writing! They can even be shared for collaboration.

Recall emails after pressing send

Accidentally hit send on an email too soon? Recall the email by opening the email in the ‘Sent’ folder. Select the ‘Move’ option and click the ‘Actions’ button. Select Recall This Message and ‘Delete Unread Copies of This Message’ to delete from the receiver’s inbox.

These are just some of our favourites, but using Microsoft 365 in conjunction with Attollo opens up so many opportunities for productive working. Contact us today to learn how Attollo can help your business. 

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