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Picking the perfect intranet partner for your business

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Perfect Intranet Partner

So, you’ve finally persuaded those at the helm to invest in a state-of-the-art intranet? But how do you know which to choose? Go for the one whose website looks the most modern? The one with the most Google reviews? Perhaps the one that can get you up and running the fastest?

Before you jump in, consider your business goals. Have a clear picture of what you hope the intranet provider will help you achieve. Then you’ll find it much easier to cross providers off your list if they don’t meet your needs. Regardless of the size of your company, you should be thinking about how you could benefit from streamlined operations, collaboration, instant communication and file storage, for starters.

Here are a few pointers when it comes to picking the perfect intranet partner.

Initial offering

Firstly, do you know what you want from an intranet? If you want a one-stop platform that will increase your productivity, staff engagement and save a lot of wasted time, then SharePoint intranets are the way forward.

Consider how your new intranet will sit within your existing structure – will it integrate with your existing apps? You may already have several internal business processes in place. Research whether you can customise your intranet and make it work perfectly with your branding and company website.

Basically, what you need to create is the perfect digital workplace, just like Attollo. A place where staff learn to go as their first and only port of call for everything work-related. And of course, you’re going to want your new intranet deployed quickly with minimal fuss and packed with functionality.


Can you find plenty of reviews about your intranet provider and how they’ve helped a company achieve? After all, the best way to know how an intranet is working is to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

You could also ask your vendor if they can provide examples from existing clients to get an idea of what their intranet strategy will be for your company. Elaborate on top issues and challenges that you want your intranet solution to fix. Ask them who they already partner with, as this will also reflect on your brand.

Here at Attollo, we’ve helped many businesses improve their internal communications and even global connections by listening to their needs.

We helped Keysight Technologies, the global leader in transforming electronic measurements through innovations in wireless, modular and software solutions, to create a futureproof and customised project. They faced challenges including a lack of internal communications, no centralised place for staff to locate information and no identifiable digital workplace.

Brianne McClure, Employee Communications Manager at Keysight said: “We wanted it to be so simple for users. Users couldn’t be forced to adopt, they had to want to be part of the project which was a big part of our strategy. Attollo Intranet ticked all of those boxes. The design, UI and the UX of the site are so clean – I love it!”


Consider whether your potential provider can deliver what they say and prove it? Do they understand your content needs? Do they provide training?

Always have your end-users in mind when considering who would be best to partner with. Is your average colleague already experienced with platforms? Already working with software? Used to changes and can adapt quickly? Perhaps not – in this case, you’ll need to consider what expertise your company could offer.

Implementing a new intranet platform could bring several technical challenges, especially if it’s for a large existing IT infrastructure. One of the most important factors when choosing an intranet partner is the technical support they offer, as this is needed during the implementation process and when the intranet is up and running.

Attollo can provide ongoing support through implementation and beyond.

Future vision

Research where your potential partner is now and where they plan to be. The solution you choose may work for now, but it should be able to grow with your business. Therefore, it is of vital importance to select a partner that allows future integration with other applications and provides options to add functionality, whether standardised or bespoke.

Keysight Technologies’ intranet – Pulse powered by Attollo Intranet – is recognised as one of the world’s best intranets for 2021 in Nielson Norman’s 21st annual Intranet Design Awards.


Do take your budget into consideration if you really want to improve your business processes. It may cost more if your ideal intranet solution requires some custom development or branding.

Setting a budget margin is a good idea as it will allow you to add functionality over time if it’s required. Attollo offers flexibility at a budget that works for you.

Want a look around?

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