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Schools out for summer! Engaging your employees with Attollo Intranet

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School out for Summer - engaging your employees with Attollo Intranet

The holidays period is finally here and at businesses across the country, staff are starting to slow down. After all, nothing gets done in July and August, right? People are away, no one can find anything, and so the team may as well chill out for a few months.


There is no dispute that we’ve had one heck of a summer so far. An endless heatwave, a Royal wedding, a World Cup like no other – we’ve even had a presidential visit. And that’s before you’ve even started packing for your two weeks in Majorca.

Its easy to see why for many, work can fall low on the priority list, however keeping staff fully engaged is crucial to boosting staff satisfaction – and your bottom line.

Attollo Intranet makes it easier for staff to keep both connected and focussed – even over the silly season.

1. Manage annual leave

Everyone wants to make the most of the summer, and many parents have to contend with childcare issues. Your intranet can be utilised to make your holidays forms and calendars accessible for all, reducing bouncing back and forth and provide an at-a-glance overview. You might not please everyone – but at least you will be organised.

2. Central document management

We all know the frustration of looking for a document on the server to find that it has been moved by someone who is now on holiday. It stands to reason that the easier it is to find information, the more efficiently your employees will be able to work.

When a team can easily locate customer information in moments, or the correct slides to use in that big presentation, there will be a huge reduction in wasted hours. And the old adage that time is money has never been truer.
With everything nicely stored in one place, there are no excuses. With central document management, the team simply pick up where their colleague left off – no excuses.

3. Maintain staff engagement

An engaged team is a happy team. A huge benefit of having an intranet is that it offers a sense of belonging amongst staff. So what if half the team are on holiday – what about the workers?

  • Staff events: Throwing staff events – a family fun day, a summer ball, a BBQ – will make sure everyone feels appreciated. Keep them in the loop with your events page.
  • Local events- It doesn’t have to just be work events – embrace what’s happening in the local community. Loads of fun stuff on down the local park? Local Tennis club celebrating Wimbledon? Advertise it.
  • Blog – from charity events to industry insights, a blog is an excellent way to engage staff, company wide. Make it seasonal – consider using a guest blogger to advise on their top holiday packing tips, the perfect BBQ or how to keep the kids out of mischief.
  • Training & events– Let staff see up and coming training opportunities, with space for an introductory video, overview and related documents. Get them booked in for September when they are fresh from their annual break.

4. Staff Noticeboard

Noticing a higher number of sick days than usual? Office mysteriously quiet the afternoon of the big match? An unusual number of doctor’s appointments before the bank holiday weekend?

At this time of year people are winding down before their annual getaway.

Ok, so you probably don’t want to go in heavy handed – so a gentle reminder of the company absence policy on the home page probably wouldn’t go amiss.

5. Keep in the loop

Thanks to the wonders of cloud technology, your company intranet is accessible 24/7 with a WiFi connection. What this means, in theory, is that staff can carry out basic tasks they would do in the office – wherever their location.

We know that time off is crucial and an important part of your staff’s wellbeing and we’re not suggesting that businesses encourage staff to log on daily from their sun lounger.


Sometimes the right person giving up five minutes of sunbathing can save an entire team half a day’s work.With parents jostling to book time off over the holidays as they arrange childcare, your intranet can keep them connected and give the option of working from home.

So there we have it. With the right intranet in place, its entirely possible that you can enjoy one long, hot summer – without your business suffering. Let us give you a demo of Attollo Intranet today!

By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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