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Do your staff spend more time searching for internal documents than doing their actual jobs? If this rings a few (alarm) bells with you, it’s time to invest in a modern employee intranet.

1 month ago

While we are still home working, how can we make sure we have the best set up to avoid triggering old injuries or even creating new ones. We’ve enlisted the help of a NHS Physiotherapist to give us some tips.

3 months ago

Our product ‘Attollo Intranet’ is an out-of-the-box workplace solution that will enable your workforce to be more effective, collaborative, connected, and productive, while also making employees’ working lives simpler.

3 months ago

How has remote working whilst in self-isolation impacted a developers day-to-day working life and what challenges has he faced?

4 months ago

Getting the best out of you & your team whilst you’re working remotely! Check out our top 10 tips for remote working.

4 months ago

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"The attractive design is a very positive feature of Attollo. It makes viewing content easy and clear. Rendering is quick and robust"

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