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Team Building Activities on your Digital Workplace for 2022

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Digital Team building activities

With hybrid working a popular post-covid model across the UK, it’s important to make sure your teams are still in touch.

Spinning around on your office chair to chat to a colleague, gathering for a team brew run and a quick rendition of happy birthday with a slice of cake are all out of the question with half the office missing. It takes much more effort to get colleagues to communicate – and businesses need to recognise this.

But getting together virtually is possible.

Why is virtual team building important?

Employees who are used to a busy office and then suddenly find themselves working from home most of the time can start to feel emotionally distanced, offering fewer ideas and becoming less productive.

Virtual team-building activities are a great way to bring staff together in a cooperative but informal environment. This helps them feel connected, still part of the workforce and as a result, more engaged and likely to stay in their role at the company. Morale is boosted and cohesion is created by promoting virtual activities.

Here are some simple but fun virtual team building activities to try:

Sharing photos

Let each employee go to town on their personal profile. As well as knowing that Jenny works in accounts, they may be fascinated to know that she’s a black belt in karate and has just climbed Kilimanjaro.

Let workmates share photos of these activities to give their colleagues an idea of what they get up to outside of work. This will help build social connections.

Fitness goals

Why not set up a fitness challenge and have a leaderboard on your intranet homepage for people to track their progress? What better way to spur your colleagues on than to get those steps up, have fun and get fit at the same time?

Each colleague can check in to report on their progress whilst getting encouragement from their team members – make it a positive place for encouraging interaction. And for those flagging, give them a virtual cheer and encouragement they need to get back on track.

Scavenger hunt

Before a virtual meeting on Teams you could pop a scavenger hunt on your homepage and colleagues can join the meeting when they have all the items. The aim is to find as many random objects as possible. For example, a plant, nappy, mug, food and a remote!

Virtual escape rooms

Get your teams to work together to solve a common problem. Virtual escape rooms make teams collaborate and use problem-solving skills to find answers and unlock hidden clues needed to win.

It is good-natured fun but will involve working together – a great skill to encourage.

‘Five things in common’ game

Place workmates into teams on Teams a few minutes early and let them figure out what they have in common without any clues. This will give them the chance to get to know each other a little better. When they’ve come with five common things, they can share on a post to encourage more interaction.

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