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Why the best organisations have great company culture!

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A good working atmosphere sustains employee enthusiasm and fosters a great company culture.

Staff should look forward to coming to work, taking on challenges, and interacting with their colleagues. While tasks may prove tough at times, they shouldn’t provoke stress. Where they do, culture needs to be addressed as a priority.

Culture simply means the beliefs and behaviours that determine how people within a company interact. This is influenced by the working environment. After all, a toxic workplace is not a good way to retain.

Where something is amiss at your workplace, out-of-the-box intranet Attollo can be the vital piece in the puzzle. Involve staff with news that they need to know about to avoid misunderstandings.

Here is why good company culture should be one of the top drivers when considering implementing a modern intranet.

Social side

Attollo allows for an incredible sociable platform where staff members can chat, comment, like or share and even mention someone, as you would with a mobile phone. With access to Microsoft Teams, workers can be first in line to hear the news that involves them. Whether it’s a crucial deadline that’s been brought forward or an invite to get involved in the next fundraiser.

Instant communication is great for mental health, particularly for your staff who, in the light of Covid-19 restrictions, are not used to working from home and maybe feeling isolated.

Kept in the loop

Does anything impact company culture more?

From an employee point of view, there’s nothing worse than feeling left in the dark about the news you feel affects you, whether that’s an opportunity for a job promotion or the closure of a part of the office that you’d need to access.

With instant access to a news centre or blogs, you can reassure your staff that they will be first to hear about any new developments, without printing off reams of newsletters or worrying that emails have been received.

Recognise and reward

To grow the company culture

Even if your employees don’t say it, they like to feel appreciated for the work they do. So, what better way to acknowledge jobs done well to the entire workforce than on the intranet. Use a leaderboard with rewards points on the homepage to show just how well staff are doing.

When staff feel valued, they become more engaged in the business and even encourage others to be the same. Attollo plays a critical role by supporting the growth of relationships which is vital to nurturing a positive culture and a place where knowledge sharing happens.

Encourage collaboration

How important is this for good company culture?

Bringing staff together encourages a positive culture to form. By simply using Microsoft Teams to pose a work query could spark ideas and generate interest for future projects, resulting in much improved ways of working.

Having access to an office directory means that staff can find colleagues they may not know, at the touch of a button. Rather than spending time trawling through mobile numbers trying to locate someone who might fit the bill, a quick check-in the people search could find someone perfect for your next project.

Want to know more?

What we offer is more than just a platform. It’s a company-wide change that can transform how you communicate, collaborate, and innovate. We don’t just offer our software. We take you on a complete tour of our professional services, designed to support you at every stage of your intranet journey.

If your leadership teams still need convincing that an intranet is the way forward, read our new eBook:  10 Steps to Executive Buy-In of n Intranet for some handy tips.

For more in how we can transport business into the digital age, contact Attollo today.

Does a good working atmosphere sustains employee enthusiasm?

By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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