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Top 10 Problems a Great Employee Intranet Solves

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Top 10 Problems a Great Employee Intranet Solves:

Do your staff spend more time searching for internal documents than doing their actual jobs? If this rings a few (alarm) bells with you, it’s time to invest in a modern employee intranet.

Trying to strengthen your company? You’ll need to make sure your workers are connected in an efficient way.

An out-of-the-box intranet like Attollo, can help streamline processes, ramp up communication, boost productivity and save time precious time on compliance – all of which result in a more profitable and efficient business model.

Read on to learn more about the top problems an intranet system solves.

1.     Poor interaction

If your intranet isn’t giving employees a chance to collaborate, then it’s not fit for purpose. You need a tool that’s easily accessible from your homepage and can bring your team together fast.

Attollo integrates with Microsoft Teams. It’s not only a great communications portal for chatting but a super space where ideas can be shared. The tool uses gimmicks that staff are already familiar with, such as emojis and GIFs. Staff can instantly go from group chat to video conference, no matter where they are.

2.     Unfamiliarity between teams

If your teams aren’t talking, this could lead to bad planning, missed updates, inconsistent customer service or dubious decision-making.

There’s no need for a complete culture shift though – just think Attollo, a SharePoint intranet portal. Create blogs or message boards to allow members from different departments to post. Perhaps it’s just a case that staff don’t know the best person to contact when a query comes up. Why not set up a staff directory which means everyone can contact anyone at any time?

3.     Rapid staff turnover

Getting new employees up to speed quickly and efficiently, and keeping them long-term is important, especially with the cost of replacing employees.

A well-established intranet system will reduce the chance of them leaving and help them get up to date quickly as they can read policies, the latest company news and any team briefing notes before they even make their first brew.

4.     Lack of centralised workspace

Staff need to be able to access important documents quickly wherever they are and on any device they have to hand.

Because Attollo SharePoint intranet is fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365, staff can share files on OneDrive instantly or show rich content with a choice of using Microsoft Steam, YouTube or Vimeo. Using Attollo intranet is a great way to ensure staff can get their hands on anything that they need quickly whether they’re in Manchester or Manhattan.

5.     Disengaged employees

An employee intranet is a great focal point. Managers can get a better understanding of how their staff use technology in their jobs. And if workers have the means to communicate with co-workers then they’ll feel more worthy in their roles as well as become more productive and proactive. They’ll also get the sense of a loyal community, which is ideal if they’re working from home.

Attollo Intranet has the new centre feature which surfaces the latest news across the organisation using tags to prioritise news segments

6.     Missed meetings and events

How many times has an employee said they didn’t get your email? If getting your company’s information out there quickly and efficiently is top of your agenda, then an intranet is key.

Let staff know instantly about news, promotion opportunities or a charity event using Attollo Intranet events page. It’s a great way to send notices immediately across multiple departments without them getting lost en route.

7.     Bad project management

Being kept up to date in real-time is great. Collaborative sharing on Attollo means you can let people know what work assignments are left to hit if deadlines are looming. If employees are encouraged to post their own content, they’ll take more responsibility for their work.

8.     Swamped in admin tasks

Companies looking to reduce costs and maximise returns should be getting an intranet to save valuable HR time with support from its digital tools. With Attollo Intranet you can add useful documents and information to your various department sites.

Having this facility in place means spending less time on admin and more time on being proactive to support your business. Self-service is key for employees. These could include Q&As on things like pensions or salary or business policies.

9.     No internal brand

Few businesses bother to spend as much effort on internal branding efforts. But a strong internal brand connects staff to your company mission, vision, and identity. This drives work satisfaction and productivity so surely, it’s worth investing in? Attollo intranet can build and embed your brand alongside the external voice making it instantly recognisable.

10. Lack of feedback

An intranet allows employee efforts, contributions, and opinions to be heard in real-time. In this age, employees want instantaneous feedback and those who feel rewarded will engage better, ultimately resulting in better customer service, increased productivity – and in the long term, profitability for your business. With Attollo intranet there is a wide variety of tools to enable this, such as the Ideas Lab allowing employees to engage by submitting ideas to help improve the business or quick poll for global opinion gathering.

We hope you enjoyed this blog that’s covered the Top 10 Problems a Great Employee Intranet Solves. If a modern-day, out of the box intranet sounds right up your street, Attollo can help. Call our experts for a free demo and see how we can change the way you work for the better.

By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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