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Top Digital Trends to Engage Your Workforce

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Top Digital Trends to Engage Your Workforce:

With ever-changing technology, it’s so important that businesses can keep up with new developments. You don’t want to lag behind your competitors.

And that’s not just for your customers’ sake. It’s vital for your own staff, the very people who keep your company going.

Here, we share some of the digital trends that you should be implementing to engage your employees if you want to be successful this year:

Be nimble: get mobile-first

Nothing is more irritating than a website that won’t load or allow you to choose certain options when using a mobile, compared to a desktop. After all, worldwide internet usage on smartphones and tablets has exceeded desktop computers since 2016.

If mobile-first isn’t already happening in your business, make it a priority – not only for your workforce but for your customers. Quite simply, mobile-optimise everything you do.

But why?

All documents your staff could need should be available on any device, whether it’s a new starter pack or a blank invoice. Workplace mobility empowers staff to work more efficiently and this can only result in being more productive as they can use a device they are familiar with for everyday tasks. This is essential for those who don’t have easy access to their desks. 

Out of the box intranet, Attollo  is not only fully responsive on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, but offers full cross-browser compatibility.

Cherish chatbots

A chatbot uses AI to mimic human conversations – and they’re certainly hot property, particularly due to their language capabilities.

Drive productivity by allowing these tools to set up your meetings, remind you of that conference call or source information like lightning.  

Consider the cost savings of having tasks previously carried out by people, automated to serve larger markets. Say sayonara to mind-numbing tasks that sap your staff of their energy. These digital friends will have employees working harder and faster, freeing them up to do the stuff that matters most.

You can even expect to see bots which recommend a suitable bot to do your task for you – or query another bot on your behalf in the background. Clever, huh?

Show, don’t tell

With Millennials bringing attitudes shaped by the digital revolution to the workplace, it only makes sense to provide platforms that they can gel with. Due to the convergence of social media, mobile and cloud, today’s employees are used to sharing and being able to make instant connections with people, wherever they are in the world.

According to HubSpot, video is the second most-used content type on social media used to increase audience engagement. Employees can be so busy that they’re far more likely to watch a full video than access infographics or reams of words when time is of the essence.

Videos are a great way to provide instruction or webinars to staff of varying ages – a great reason to make sure your employee intranet has a feature-rich content management system (cms intranet).

Clear communication with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams gives staff the tools they need to work remotely, from multiple devices and without missing vital communications from the boss. Deploying Teams means you can boost employee engagement, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

Through integration and innovation Teams is superior to its competitors. Staff can seamlessly switch between video conference calling, instant messaging, real-time document collaboration, and file sharing, within one window.

Collaborative cloud sharing

With more and more people working at home – or unable to attend the office due to the Coronavirus – using an internet based storage platform like OneDrive is paramount. 

Getting all staff to use the cloud is a great collaborative approach and it means that documents can be accessed from anywhere on a wide range of devices.  Several employees can access the cloud at any one time, making editing documents incredibly efficient and with automatic saving too, what’s not to love? 

There’s zero chance of work not being saved properly or staff being unable to access what they need and when. Staff can show personal and shared OneDrive files straight from the Attollo Intranet homepage.

We hope you enjoyed this blog on the Top Digital Trends to Engage Your Workforce. If you’re looking for a solid building block to consolidate your workforce, Attollo can help by delivering a fully branded SharePoint intranet for businesses. Contact our experts today for a free demo.

By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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