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Top Tips for Maintaining Employee Engagement after COVID-19

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If coronavirus has caused ructions at your workplace, it’s time to fix those problems before they escalate further. For months, your employees may have been furloughed, working remotely, or flitting between the office and home. Some of the changes will be long-lasting with organisations across the country facing tumultuous times and impacting employee engagement.

Having staff working collaboratively ultimately means a more productive workforce and if staff feel out of the loop it can be hard to pull back. If you feel like disengagement is setting in and employee engagement and morale has been impacted at your office, read our top tips for maintaining engagement.

One stop shop

The digital workplace can feel like a mish mash of many apps, all working independently of each other. This can cause a lot of disconnectedness leading to time wastage that can easily be avoided.

Having an out-of-the-box intranet can allow you to join up many provisions under one roof, meaning staff can access everything they need on one platform. Sitting on top of SharePoint, Attollo gives you access to Office 365, instant messaging tools and more. This means that employees go there when they need to work, wherever they are in the world.


After months of being locked down, staff are keen to get back to their regular routines. But for some, they may be stuck at home for even longer. Keeping everyone in the loop is vital for your business to move forward.

If you do still have staff at home or working on the move, you’ll need to make sure you have a modern-day intranet such as Attollo, that is fully responsive on all devices including mobiles.

An intranet can be the key to keeping your staff in touch, with everything they need under one roof. It’s a fundamental place to share and receive data, connect with others, and get important updates from on high.

During the COVID-19 crisis, mobile intranets have been critical for NHS key workers who needed to follow rapidly changing protocols and procedures on the go. Without such a system in place, this would be virtually impossible.


Having regular contact with employees is key in your operations, not only for duty of care but also on mental health, particularly when staff may have been isolated for months on end.

A ‘news centre’ is an excellent tool to use on Attollo, as it means you can update staff about anything corporate and regional news or information that affects their day-to-day roles. The data should be relevant and fact-checked regularly, allowing your employee intranet to be the most essential tool at your workplace.

Your employee intranet is the most essential tool at your workplace

If it goes unused, staff will not bother to check it.


If the COVID post-slump has set in at your workplace, position your intranet system as the place staff should go to first when they return to the office.

Allowing channels for employees to give feedback on relevant topics, for example, the return to work. Having an intranet should prove fruitful for all, as employers can see how the situation is affecting staff and HR can determine who has responsibilities, for example, childcare that may complicate their return. Use the quick poll on your intranet homepage for immediate responses in large volumes.


Gatherings are integral to business as they foster good cultures and provide transparency, so it’s important they go ahead despite social distancing. But when there are meetings involving many people this may seem an impossible feat. Set up Microsoft Teams through Attollo to achieve this. Not only can everyone see each other but they can ask a question and get answers too.


One way to ensure engagement is publicly credit staff for their hard work. And one such way to do this is through recognition on the intranet. This could be in the form of a star worker chart with points to be collected.

There could also be shout-outs from staff to other colleagues who have helped them. Or a virtual space to say thanks for work that may otherwise go unnoticed.

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