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Why an omnichannel strategy is key for internal communications

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When the COVID-19 crisis sent office workers rushing home to set up camp in their kitchens virtually overnight. Did it cause pandemonium at your workplace? Could people access what they needed when they needed it? Does the success of this sit with internal communications?

For many businesses, this pandemic has provided a chance to bring internal communications to the forefront. Implement modern technology and future proof, omnichannel approach to stay up-to-speed with changing unprecedented times. That is a platform of tools that provide an environment where every channel has a purpose.

A modern-day intranet, such as Attollo, is more than a gateway. It’s the backbone for an effective omnichannel internal communications strategy…. a cohesive place for personalised news feeds, feedback when you need it, seamless integration of channels and more.

Communicate effectively with an omnichannel strategy

Using one channel to communicate does not suit every audience perfectly. When juggling multiple channels, you should learn how your employees prefer to communicate and understand the difference in generations.

An omnichannel approach ensures all staff are catered for with consistent messages aligned and made instantly available. For example, you could use email surveys, instant messaging or newsletters. Staying connected is easy with Microsoft Teams.

It’s important to note that the quality of your employees’ digital experiences should be consistent. However they choose to access your intranet. As a result, your cms intranet must be able to meet the challenge of streamlining publishing processes across various media types for the authentic omnichannel experience.

The rise of internal communications

An effective omnichannel communication strategy can help drive employee engagement, but it must be managed. Your internal comms team will need to embed a new mindset; involving staff rather than telling them.

You can select teams who are responsible for publishing relevant and timely content to your workers when they need it. This is a great tool for pushing productivity as it means users are empowered and can have access wherever they are.

Simplicity is key

By utilising Attollo to support omnichannel strategies, internal communications teams can really reach those colleagues who are notorious for being away from their desk. The impact of messages is heightened and with a modern, cloud-based platform which is supported by Office 365, messages are intuitive and integrated.

Here, the key is simplicity. Every company has their long-standing employees who are resistant to change so it has to be a case of simple tools for all. Don’t forget that simple user interfaces remove reliance on an IT team, resulting in more time wasted while waiting for an IT worker to intervene.

By prioritising features which are likely to engage users such as quick polls and Employee of the Month charts, you will underpin your omnichannel approach.


You can experience Attollo your way with customised newsletters and news feeds, making staff feel welcome at work and more relaxed in a digital workplace. This way users can take control over the feeds they see and how they interact.

Ramp up engagement with omnichannel communication

Social communication allows for transparency and a better culture within workplaces so give your staff a voice! Let them ask questions, express concerns and share their opinions on your social channels. They could contribute to the weekly blog or be responsible for adding relevant content to the news centre.

Opening internal communication channels up to your employees empowers them so requires a new mindset and need to be managed but developing tools such as templates and providing communication coaching will help this transition.

Measure your success

Develop metrics to determine the success of your teams’ actions. Decide what they should be and most importantly, who is responsible for achieving them. For example, place an article on the news centre and measure effectiveness by the number of people who liked it, shared or commented.

Happy to help

When it comes to generating top-tier content, a great intranet and the points above are perfect partners. If you’d like our digital experts at Attollo to show you more about how an omnichannel strategy can improve internal comms at your workplace, then give us a shout today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about Attollo or its benefits.

By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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