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Why mindset is key to successful digital transformation

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Improve your processes and outcomes by using digital technologies. This is a digital transformation. Companies who want endless opportunities and to outperform their competitors are transforming digitally.

This process may include chat about the current IT infrastructure or technologies. But a vital part of this essential change is in people.

Attollo believes that to transform digitally, you need to change the cultural mindset. And to do this you need to rely on your staff – the people who have the best knowledge about works or doesn’t work in their daily tasks. You need to see a change in how they approach problems and search for answers.

Don’t forget that with any business transformation you’ll always find staff who shudder at the thought of change – and without them coming on board, no digital transformation will be successful.

Embracing change

To drive such important change, the culture needs to change as it will have a huge impact on how the transformation is rolled out.

Everyone in the business needs to push for change – so they understand what is happening and why, and how they play a vital role in delivering it.

Prepare for a major upheaval. Explain the benefits fully and emphasise how their skillsets will be positively impacted.

Plugging knowledge gaps

Helping employees feel confident in taking on unfamiliar tasks, such as working with new technology, is critical to success.

Each member of staff learns differently, each at their own pace. And while a culture of it being OK to learn as you work needs to be embedded, so does the knowledge that it’s OK to make mistakes and take risks.

As a boss, show them that you’re keen for them to develop and they will reciprocate this by seeking out their own learning opportunities.

Internal communication

To ensure all colleagues are party to the process, internal communications need to be top-notch. The relevant people need to be contacted with clear messages and be able to receive instant feedback.

All this can be made possible with implementation of an out-of-the-box intranet system like Attollo. Instant messenger means that staff are not changing between multiple platforms to receive emails, messages or try to work out who sends which type of message.

Bosses can communicate everything through our modern-day intranet and in doing so, are far likely to be successful with their roll-out. All senior leaders should be fully engaged and up to speed at every stage.

Building a culture that is open to change is crucial. It may be a success. It may fail. But above all, lessons can be learned to project forward in the future.

Job fears

Employees can also get the fear that by their company undertaking a digital transformation that this somehow means their jobs are going to get done by robots. An example would be in sales and marketing. With workers using automated lead generation software, this no longer needs to be done manually. If staff feel any kind of job threat, they can resist the changes.

It’s therefore critical for management teams to recognise these genuine worries and address them. Sharing how the digital transformation process is a good chance for employees to revamp their skills. To suit the current workplace and to upgrade their skill set for future roles.

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By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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