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The Mighty Homepage

The starting point for any Attollo Intranet

The jewel in the crown of any intranet – so make sure yours sparkles. The Attollo homepage lets you push essential information to internal users, including through featured content along and a news feed to keep updates fresh and relevant.

Keep up to date

A powerful news section pushing the latest news directly to the homepage keeping content fresh and relevant.

Featured Content

Highlighing your most important content. Customisable to show information relevant to your business.

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Office Sites

View your remote sites clearly & quickly

Businesses with multiple offices and/or customer sites can often find it difficult to move between those locations. Providing office address, facilities and contact details empowers a mobile workforce within your teams and organisation.

Key Information

Sales based in London while HR is in Manchester? Ease internal communications and allow each department to shout about who they are, what they do and where to find their documentation.

Area per office

Where resources can manage their local content, alerts & announcements (fire drills, weather alerts, etc).

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Department Sites

View all your company department sites

Every business has a variety of departments or business units. This area gives those teams the ability to inform the rest of the business who they are, what they do and publish important documentation such as ‘Policies and Procedures’ and other important content.

Managing local content

An area per department where resources can manage their local content:

  • Head of Department / Key Contact
  • Links to team collaboration sites
  • Meet the team / About us / Key Services


Using custom permissions so that departments can manage their own areas and who accesses them. Build up teams using resources across your company and let them easily collaborate.

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Staff Directory & Search

Looking for someone? Attollo can help

Need John from Accounts or an IT whizz? Keep all contact details at your fingertips and save endless hunting for numbers.

  • Finally putting that face to a name!
  • Find out more about their experience and skill sets
  • Link quickly into their personal profiles to find out more
  • Contact information displayed clearly

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News Centre

News Centre - keeping you in the know

Read all about it! No one likes to be kept in the dark. Our news centre is a powerful tool for internal communications to make sure everyone is in the loop with big company news.

Centrally Located News

A central place for all news at a corporate and departmental level. Pre-prepare and schedule content to be displayed and featured.

News Feeds

The ability to mix internal and external news feeds.

Targeted News

Target the latest updates and featured news to sites and users via tagging and content classification.

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Content Roll ups

Specific content exactly where you need it

Content aggregators allow you to highlight the most important sites and links with the ability to further drill down to more adhoc or granular sections.

Everything you need

Easily view organisational departments, team sites & applications.

Let's get social

Embrace social and pull into a single view all blog posts where ever they are stored in SharePoint.

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Share your thoughts with Attollo Blogs

From charity events to industry insights, a blog is an excellent way to engage staff, company wide.


Share your thoughts and views to the rest of the business. Encourage replies and conversations.


A place to share your corporate experiences to everyone. Individual, team, department or special interest focused.

Support Centre

Having issues? Let people know instantly

Every organisation have experienced IT issues during in some capacity! But not all organisations let their employees know so they are not calling the Help Desk, or logging calls.

Easy to understanding colour system

Using various colours you can let users know what type of issue your organisation is having. With the added ability to add notes with dates, users can feel issues are in hand soon to be resolved.

Training Portal

Sharing the knowledge with Attollo

Knowledge is power, and this feature lets staff see up and coming training opportunities, with space for an introductory video, overview and related documents.

Easy to read & watch!

With the Attollo Training Portals you can add videos, documents and course notes to enable your workforce to become smarter, work better and save money by easy knowledge sharing.

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Pages & more pages!

Build on top of Attollo? No problem!

With Attollo you have the unrestricted ability to create pages without being locked in by using us. So if Sandra in accounts needs a different look - no problem! Paul needs to display content in a certain way? No worries!

SharePoint Page Layouts

Using SharePoint publishing page layouts the ability to create custom pages is as easy as it always has been using Attollo

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Web Part Pages

Scale your intranet easily with Attollo

Oh, so you've had an intranet before and bought some cool Web Parts and now you want to use them with you brand new, shiney Attollo Intranet? Well, guess what you can!

SharePoints Web Parts

With ability to use existing Web Parts on your new intranet, they will work straight out of the box*. Not only that, if you want to development even more functionality for Attollo then you can - we would love to see anything cool!

* you might need some design tweaking - but don't worry we can help you with our Brand Alignment excercise

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"The attractive design is a very positive feature of Attollo. It makes viewing content easy and clear. Rendering is quick and robust"

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