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Hybrid working. The new way for employees?

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The Covid pandemic has almost certainly changed the way we work forever. Many employers are now opting for a hybrid working model while working conditions remain uncertain.

The government has announced that it wants businesses to go back to being in the office from July 19. But many employers will be keen to take on a much more flexible approach to combine aspects of office and home or remote working. With many businesses now used to having homeworking employees, some owners may consider if it’s worth having a physical office at all.

So, what exactly is a hybrid workplace and how can it work for your business?

What is hybrid working?

Typically, you’d expect to see employees choosing where and when they work, splitting time between home and an office. This is opposed to a fully remote model where everyone would work from home exclusively.

Generally, a hybrid workplace would see employees coming in on different days or staggered timetables.

Employers should be mindful of staff who are nervous about attending the office full time. They may prefer more days working at home. It could be that they would only attend the office for team meetings, for example.

Why choose a hybrid workplace?

Over the past 18 months, staff across the country have proved that it is possible to carry on working from home if they have the correct modern technology.

Some have found this a lonely way of working. Perhaps they have been easily distracted due to flat mates or limited workstations at home. Others will have preferred the flexibility it has given them around other issues such as childcare and commuting.

Implementing Attollo, a great intranet for SharePoint on Office 365, makes this style of working easier than ever. The intranet can be accessed from any device, from wherever you are. This make is incredibly reliable, no matter how many offices and people you are trying to link.

How to implement a hybrid workplace

Transitioning to this model of working shouldn’t be hard if you have staff willing to get onboard. The best thing to do hold a team meeting and discuss with all staff how it could work. Most importantly, gather feedback from everyone.

Naturally every employee will have different needs and priorities and so expect to hear a range of feedback on the options.

Even if you get a complete range of responses, you’ll be able to create a hybrid working model that suits everyone.

There are a few things to consider if you want to adopt a hybrid working style for your business:

Implement reliable technology

The most important piece of a hybrid working model is that everyone can access anything, whenever they need it, wherever they are.

Having a modern-day intranet like Attollo in place makes it so much easier for people to share ideas, work collaboratively and socialise. For the model to work effectively, staff should be able to do everything they do in the office, at home. Accessibility to important documents is crucial. 

Attollo Intranet ‘out of the box’ provides functionality that brings your Microsoft Team sites into your Intranet for quick and easy access allowing your workforce to quickly navigate to relevant sections. 

Attollo is also capable of pushing content from your Intranet directly into Microsoft Teams. The calendar tool can be utilised by all meaning that everything is recorded, and everyone feels included.

Company culture

If interaction is great between employees for work and social reasons, that makes for a happier workforce. While you may have values and a company philosophy in place, there’s nothing quite like having an inclusive atmosphere. It’s worth considering how this will work if half the staff are working remotely.

Remote staff

You’ll want to ensure staff are getting the same experience they’d get if they were with each other in the office. Those working remotely are far less visible than those in the office which may mean they are overlooked for opportunities.

Implementing Attollo gives staff many ways to access instant communication tools, such as quick polls and chats. Make big news of bonuses, perks, and competitions by announcing them on your intranet home page. If staff feel like they’re missing out on their free coffee at work, invest in a subscription.

Staff in the office

Those spending more time in the office will want to feel comfortable. This will undoubtedly mean some reorganisation of desks. This is a good opportunity to create some shared working areas. There should still be plenty of space around individual desks and one-way access to and around the office.

Attollo’s user-friendly design benefits from fast and capable search functions and navigation that is simple to understand. This results in less pressure on the IT team. Workers are easily able to use the system whether they’re in the office or at home.

Want to know more about hybrid working?

If you want to create the perfect hybrid workplace, we’d love to tell you more. Our team is on hand to give you a free demonstration and answer any questions you might have. Contact us today.

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