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The top 5 things HR leaders should focus on in 2022

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HR Leaders

With global disruption due to covid, comes a leap of major digital acceleration – and if you’re not moving with the times you’ll be left behind for good.

Remote and hybrid working has become the norm and so it’s crucial that HR teams can connect with every member of their team, no matter where they are in the world.

With multiple tools now at your fingertips to deal with employee experience challenges, including creating a better work culture and connecting dispersed workforces, HR teams will need to focus on using innovative technology to adopt a new approach for staff.

We share 5 things that HR teams should do to succeed in 2022.

Onboarding staff

Hiring processes have had to change over the past year due to remote hiring and onboarding challenges. Companies will obviously want to keep hold of their best talent whilst creating appealing new roles at the same time.

When employees start a new job from a home start, it makes the onboarding process much more difficult. One way to speed it up and make it seamless is to join forces with your IT and internal communications teams and implement an award-winning intranet like Attollo.

This will allow your new recruits to find everything they need to access in a usual office but from a one-stop platform. It’s a great way to provide a digital workplace where staff can communicate with others quickly as they would in a physical office.

Boosting critical skills

Creating a resilient workforce will be a key goal for HR teams this year. The skills required for jobs five years ago are already irrelevant. This means that embedding a culture of people who are adaptable to change is essential.

New employees expect the same quality of technology at work as they’re used to at home. They are often dab hands with mobiles, tablets and other devices. They want multiple learning opportunities and may lose interest quickly in a role where they are not being given the chance to develop new skills.

More adaptable workforces will be implementing a skills-centric approach to find the right talent, so use your intranet as a major tool for driving learning developments. Use Attollo’s training centre to create new videos that can be used and accessed at any time by your staff.

Digital, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Initiatives

Last year DEIB initiatives were taking center stage but 2022 is all about ensuring these schemes are embedded into the culture of your organisation – another task for your HR leaders.

It’s no longer a box-ticking exercise. We’re talking about initiatives that are sustained and ingrained as ‘the way things are’.

HR’s role to ensure this happens is to encourage two-way communication, giving every employee a chance to be heard and to contribute. Attollo Intranet provides immediate interaction thanks to Teams and many digital tools for staff to get involved with. For example quick polls, feedback on others’ projects and chances to comment on blog posts from on high.

Ensure you encourage input from all team members as their feedback will allow you to step back and see the successes. You’ll also identify potential areas of improvement for your organisation.

Employee perks

If you’re used to typical office offerings such as free fruit Thursdays or early finish Fridays you may need to give these a rethink to make sure benefits for your WFH staff are just as inclusive.

With work flexibility already in place with those working from home able to skip traffic to collect children, businesses could look to offer things like mental health support, vouchers through the post or help towards childcare costs.

Emphasis for HR squads this year must be on health and wellbeing, and to boost any opportunities to ensure employees have access to any support they may need.

Trust between teams

Good relationships between department heads can have a major influence on how well team members collaborate – and it’s vital to create this culture by building means to communicate with people in different departments.

When it comes to collaboration you need to foster trust of ethics, integrity and competency. The more you can encourage trust in these areas, the more you can build relationships between teams, and most importantly between leadership teams and the rest of the workforce.

Team members need to know that they can depend on each other, knowing that while they’re doing their best their colleagues are grafting too. HR teams will need to encourage these relationships to be built and Attollo is the perfect platform to help with this.

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