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Why do you even need a modern-day intranet?

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With more people than ever working away from the office, it’s never been more crucial to have a modern-day intranet in place.

A modern-day intranet provides a centralised platform to safely store documents, meet colleagues and share ideas. Staff can get feedback, communicate instantly with leadership teams and reap rewards for great work. Consider it a one-stop shop that can ultimately save you time and money.

Most importantly, an intranet is private, therefore it’s only accessible to your workforce. That means you can rest assured that your company documents are in safe hands.

Here we share some major benefits of implementing a modern-day intranet platform.

Productivity boost

We’ve all the heard the classic phrase ‘time is money’. It’s never truer where business is concerned.

If staff are constantly flicking between apps and email providers trying to access what they need, then precious time can be wasted. Imagine a modern-sharing centre where everything they need can be found under one platform!

Waiting for a round robin email when a simple yes or no would do? Attollo intranet offers Microsoft Teams and the ability to instantly message when you need feedback or a quick answer.

Our people directory tool is another way for finding colleagues fast. Perhaps the perfect person to collaborate with is in the room next door. A 60 second search will bring up their personal profile and match the skillset you need for your project.

Access from anywhere

One potentially long-term consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic is the ‘new normal’ of working from home (WFH).  Results from a 2020 YouGov survey show that a large percentage of staff would be reluctant to go back into an office environment full time once the pandemic is over.

Attollo is fully accessible from mobiles, tablets and desktops, making it the perfect solution for staff wherever they may be working. For example, when the country was directed to work from home under the first national lockdown with little notice, an intranet would have been the perfect tool to ensure work could carry on with minimal disruption.

Everyone in the loop

No one likes being left out. The best thing about having an intranet is to keep internal communications consistent.

By ensuring your intranet has fresh and relevant content, this is a great start for its regular use. An intranet that is frequently in use is a great place to share important information.

With Attollo, you can prepare and schedule content in advance to display and feature on internal or external feeds. A news centre and blog can keep everyone well informed, as senior management can write articles to keep staff updated on current issues. Say goodbye to emails getting lost and letters not making their way to desks.

Happy staff

Attollo is the perfect platform to share, recognise and reward good work done by staff. Some workers may slip under the radar but completely deserve some appreciation. A leadership board in prime position on the homepage would allow staff to see who has carried out random acts of kindness or gone the extra mile to help a customer.

Recognising and rewarding staff results in good levels of staff retention, improved productivity, and a great working staff culture.

Great digital employee experience (DEX)

If you want to remove the majority of frustrations from your workforce, consider a modern-day intranet like Attollo. Using technology efficiently can be a major stumbling block for lots of staff. Workers need to easily interact with digital tools including systems and processes because it will help them do their jobs.

The DEX can be improved by creating a unified platform that allows workers to engage and interact instantaneously. Attollo is essential fo because it creates a custom experience for users – for instance, drop-down menus or bespoke branding. Pages can appear as you like. Attollo sits on SharePoint and integrates with Office 365. As a result, you have complete flexibility to meet your company’s needs.

Need to more about a modern-day intranet?

Our experts at Attollo can guide you through every step of your intranet journey. If you want a fully customised platform for your business, contact us! We will provide a free demo to show you what you could achieve.

Categorised as Misc

By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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