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3 ways to demonstrate what a decent intranet looks like

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If your existing intranet has been hanging around like a bad penny, it’s time your colleagues joined the campaign for a modern-day intranet, like Attollo. An excellent intranet provider should be able to provide case studies showing how they have transformed businesses for the better.

Businesses need intranets for many reasons but the main ones are:

  • Collaboration – Giving staff central access to tools and data so they can work efficiently
  • Internal communications – Making a digital hub for workers to receive important announcements and news as and when they happen
  • Support – Gathering and managing employee queries in an organised way
  • Storage system – Finding the information staff need, whether a policy or other important document

The more examples you can show, the greater chance of inspiring your colleagues to join your plight for a new intranet system.  Here we share some examples of how we have assisted companies by bringing them together under one unified platform.

Better staff engagement

Keysight Technologies (formerly Hewlett Packard) has 32,000+ customers in over 100 countries and 13,000 employees around the globe. Due to these growing numbers, the communications team identified the need for an internal intranet to help with the influx of content that needed to be seen by the entire workforce.

They had trouble with a lack of internal communications and having no centralised point for content. There was also difficulty in onboarding different departments and sharing knowledge. The team agreed they needed something ‘cool’ that everyone would be proud to be part of, and that was Attollo. Branded to their specifications and customised.

Staff found the system easy to use and so kept using it, loving the company newsletter that was embedded into the homepage. And because departments were on siloed sites, it meant information could be made more transparent with Attollo.


The Glasgow School of Arts (GSA) chose Attollo to allow staff to log into an intranet anywhere, anytime on any device. With insights needing to be shared in real time along with important documents, Attollo made most sense with an effective working system.

With different content needed for a 2,600-strong audience of students and staff, the GSA needed content that was unique to each person. They also wanted to allow growth to futureproof projects.

With unlimited user capacity, Attollo was the perfect solution with ability to give multiple permissions to different users. Using modern development approaches and technology from Microsoft, Attollo Intranet has ensured ongoing longevity and supportability for GSA.

One giant leap

If you are ready to push those top executives into the digital era, Attollo is here to help. We offer a free demonstration and consultation to implement our intranet at your workforce.

Do you need more help with persuading those at the helm? Check out our new eBook: 10 Steps to Executive Buy-In of a Modern Intranet.

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By Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is a consultant for Attollo specialising in Intranets, SharePont & Microsoft 365.

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